Jake Paul compares himself to Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather

YouTube star Paul, 3-0 in his professional boxing career, believes that he will have the sort of cultural impact on boxing that the legends of the sport have had

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Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather Brawl in Miami

Jake Paul believes his impact on boxing will be comparable to Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather.

The YouTuber star is 3-0 in his professional boxing career and believes that by the time he has finished up with the sport, he will have made a similar mark on boxing to those legendary fighters.

Paul made his white-collar debut in 2018, and quickly turned professional, where he defeated his first three opponents within the first two rounds to set up a showdown with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley on Sunday.

And he believes victory over Woodley will see him continue his ascent.

“I am on a trajectory to become the biggest prizefighter in the world,” Paul said during an appearance on The Last Stand podcast with Brian Custer .

“For the kids, I look like Mike Tyson, your grandpa had Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, your dad had Floyd Mayweather, this generation has Jake Paul.”

Jake Paul believes he is his generation’s Floyd Mayweather


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Paul also insisted he is willing to put in the hard graft to prove his claims to be true.

Prior to the Woodley fight he has uprooted his whole camp to Puerto Rico, where he lives across the road from brother Logan and head coach BJ Flores.

And he is working with high level pro boxers in sparring, as well as MMA fighters including Anthony Taylor, who fights Tommy Fury on the undercard.

“People still think this is a gimmick,” Paul added. “So after this fight I think they’ll understand that this is the real deal, kudos to this kid because he’s a real fighter, which I am.

“I take this more seriously than a lot of real pro fighters do because the chip on my shoulder is shoulder, it’s a chip on shoulder, my knee, my head, I’m p***ed off for greatness.

“I want this more than most pro fighters do, I go in there I spar three people at a time and they’ll get out and take their wraps off and take their shoes off.

“I jump out of the ring and do abs, I do neck, I hit the bag some more, I jump on the speed bag and then I run home after, two miles.

“So, people will see, they’ll see the hard work that I’ve been putting in.”

Paul started boxing when he and his brother were called out by British YouTube stars KSI, real name JJ Olatunji, and his brother Deji in 2018.

Logan ended up launching an historic rivalry with KSI, while Paul handily beat Deji, getting the fifth round stoppage at the Manchester Arena.

He then made his pro debut against fellow social media star AnEsonGib in January 2020, before taking on basketball player Nate Robinson in November, both of whom he stopped within two rounds.

His latest fight against former Olympian and MMA champion Ben Askren saw him pick up another first round stoppage, and turned a number of heads in the worlds of boxing and MMA.

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