Jake Paul has commemorative tattoo inked after brawl with Floyd Mayweather

Jake Paul knows how to capitalise on an opportunity.

Within hours of picking a fight with Floyd Mayweather and sparking a brawl by snatching the boxing legend’s hat, Paul had coined the phrase “Gotcha hat”.

He launched a line of his own hats with his new slogan emblazoned on the front – and then had the phrase tattooed on his leg.

Paul was in Miami to support his brother Logan ahead of his exhibition bout with Mayweather next month.

But after an unmemorable press conference between the two protagonists, all hell broke loose.

Paul approached Mayweather to enquire about his own fight with the former pound-for-pound No.1 – and then snatched his cap.

The YouTube star was wrestled to the ground before Mayweather was led away by his bodyguards.

Jake Paul had some fresh ink done on his leg

He was heard screaming, “I’m going to kill that motherf*****” while Paul was unsurprisingly banned from attending his brother’s fight on June 6.

Mayweather later hit out at Paul for his actions.

“I don’t want to be disrespected. You can’t keep touching me and disrespecting me,” he told The Athletic. “Jake Paul wanted some attention, and he got it and so did I.

“It’s all about entertainment. I want to give the people something fun to look forward to. For the last year and more, it’s been all about the virus. We need to all step past that and have fun again.

“I’m not here to count the money in anyone else’s pockets. They put in their work on YouTube and made a lot of money.

“Good for them that a lot of people know who they are. I built who I am with hard work and dedication in this sport, and everyone will see that.”

Logan Paul, meanwhile, claimed his bout with Mayweather is now personal after the incident.

“This s*** is so personal; this s*** was going to be kind of cute and we were going to put on a good show but now it’s going to be a f****** fight, it’s going to be a war,” he said.

“Floyd looked pretty emotional, he can act cool all he likes on stage but I think my brother is doing my job for me.”

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