Jake Paul renews trash talk with Tommy Fury as Brit prepares for undercard bout

YouTube star Jake Paul filmed with sparring partner Anthony Taylor on social media, to join together and mock Taylor’s opponent Tommy Fury with the pair set to face-off on Paul’s shot against Tyrone Woodley

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Anthony Taylor tells Molly-Mae: “I’ll take you to my Love Island”

Jake Paul has renewed his trash talk with Tommy Fury after it was announced the Briton would face Anthony Taylor on the undercard.

The YouTube star will face former-UFC welterweight champion Tyrone Woodley on a pay-per-view card on August 29 as he continues his professional career in the spotlight of his video-streaming stardom.

And now he has renewed his rivalry with the young Fury, posting a video on Twitter with Fury’s opponent Taylor ‘trash talking’ ahead of the fight.

“What’s up it’s ‘pretty-boy’, Tommy Fairy I’m coming to knock you out, Molly-Mae come to my love island.” Taylor mocked with Paul in a video on the star’s account for his four million followers.

Fury will join Paul on the card taking part in his seventh professional fight under the famous family name, which was exclusively revealed by Mirror Fighting prior to the announcements.

Jake Paul mocked Tommy Fury in his latest Twitter video with Anthony Taylor



And he has had a long-running feud with the American in recent months, even trying to find him when he visited Miami with brother Tyson Fury during his training camp ahead of his trilogy with Deontay Wilder.

The 22-year-old Manchester fighter has also been very vocal about his thoughts on a potential fight between the pair, and insists the focus is on his ‘own journey’.

“If he gets in the ring with me it will be dangerous for him,” Fury told Sky Sports.

“If he keeps fighting these clowns? Then it won’t be dangerous.

“He is a very cunning man, a very smart man.

“If there was any [chance] of Woodley beating Jake, then that contract wouldn’t have been signed. Why would Jake put himself in a situation where he gets knocked out?

“Why would he get his teeth knocked in? He’s not stupid.

“If the fight comes, then I will take it with both hands because it’s easy money.

“I’ve got my own career, my own path to take, my own journey to follow. If he comes into that, of course I would take it. I would butcher him for nothing.

Fury had to put his career on hold as he joined ITV reality-show Love Island which put his career in the spotlight further as he developed an army of fans outside the ring.

A potential fight with Paul would be likely to attract large audiences, but for now Paul has to take on Woodley who has refused to be drawn on a tattoo bet that was made in the face-off building up to the fight.

The Paul brothers have been intensely in the spotlight as they both pursue their separate boxing interests, with Logan Paul fighting in an exhibition with legendary fighter Floyd Mayweather back in June.

He has been rumoured to also be taking on a former UFC star in the boxing ring this year, after reports have stated that he is s et to face Brazilian legend Anderson Silva in Abu Dhabi, with his entourage prepared to make the fight happen for September 19.

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