Jake Paul suggests Tyson Fury could be to blame for brother Tommy’s injury

Paul believes that the training video with Fury hitting his brother Tommy in the chest with a medicine ball could be responsible for the broken rib injury that forced his opponent to withdraw

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Jake Paul confirms Tommy Fury has pulled out of December fight

Jake Paul claims it is “very possible” that Tyson Fury accidentally injured his brother Tommy during training.

The young British star was forced to withdraw from his bout with Paul as a result of suffering a broken rib and a long-term chest infection during training camp.

Fury was in training with his heavyweight champion brother Tyson who was putting him through his paces to prepare him for the biggest fight of his career.

Paul believes the drills Fury took part in could have caused the injury and revealed he took precautions during his own abdominal work during training camp.

“I have seen the footage and who knows it is very possible,” Paul told the MMA Hour when asked about whether the training could have caused Fury’s injury.

Tommy Fury was in training with his brother Tyson

Tommy Fury has now withdrawn from the Jake Paul bout

“It is very possible that could break a rib for sure, when I do that drill we take precautions and are careful because you hear stories of fighters getting injured while trying to work on their abs.

“Who knows what happened but all of it seems very shady.”

Fury released a statement after his withdrawal citing the injury as the main reason that he was unable to compete later this month.

Paul initially released the news on his social media and branded his rival a “b****” after being disappointed in missing the opportunity to settle his rivalry with the British star.

The pair had feuded ever since their altercation during the Cleveland card headlined by Paul’s headline clash against Tyron Woodley, where Fury also fought Anthony Taylor on the undercard.

An alternative opponent has now been organised for Paul with Woodley set to step back in for a second meeting on December 18.

After Fury’s withdrawal, the YouTube star has admitted that he is willing to make his rival wait for “years” to reschedule their grudge match.

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He said : “He didn’t show up to the press conference then he pulled out of the fight. He’s done a terrible job of promoting the fight we had; he posted on social media once every other week.

“He’s not as hype as everyone thought and I’m p***** off now. I don’t like him and I don’t want anything to do with the family.

“I think they’re sketchy and they’re shady and I don’t really see a reason to come back next year and give him that big of an opportunity and that big a pay day.

“It would almost be more fun and more satisfying to leave him the dust and let him fight until he’s 25-0 to get the same pay day as he was getting in his eighth fight.”

Fury is likely to now face an extended spell on the sidelines with h is doctor expressing concern that he could be out of the ring for an lengthy period.

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