Jake Paul to attend brother’s fight with Floyd Mayweather after ban overturned

Jake Paul will attend his brother Logan’s exhibition fight with Floyd Mayweather after his ban was overturned.

The YouTube star was involved in a violent altercation with Mayweather at the pre-fight press conference earlier this month in Miami, and footage appeared to show Logan being told that he would be banned from the event.

But speaking this weekend, promoter Leonard Ellerbe has said that he will be allowed to be in attendance, despite what the brothers were told previously.

“Nothing about that s*** was staged,” Ellerbe told FightHype after admitting that Mayweather was ‘p***ed’ with Paul’s antics. “Jake Paul, he might’ve planned it, but we didn’t know nothing about it.

“When he came up, if you see me standing there, I’m motioning for him to come in, ‘Get him in, all he’s doing is talking s***.’

“I would’ve never expected him to do that… There’s a price that you’ve gotta pay when you do dumb s***.”

Logan claims that he was left fearing he would lose ‘the opportunity of a lifetime’ after the two got into a brawl at the Hard Rock Stadium at the fight’s launch event.

The YouTube star, who is 0-1 as a professional boxer, was in Miami to promote his upcoming exhibition match with 50-0 legend Floyd Mayweather when Jake decided to antagonise the former pound-for-pound great.

And it all kicked off when his brother decided to take Mayweather’s hat during a verbal argument, which sparked a fracas between Paul, Mayweather and the event’s security.

The Paul brothers have reportedly since upped their security, after the boxing legend said that he was planning to ‘kill’ Jake in the heat of the moment.

Logan told TMZ after the incident that they have now have protection ‘at all times, everywhere’.

He said: “When you have a guy with the resources and the wealth that Floyd Mayweather has and the connection and the network and he’s saying, ‘I’m going to kill that motherf****r.’

“Kill?! Death?! You’re gonna kill my brother over a f***ing hat?! We take that s*** seriously man!”

Logan posted a video a few days later to his YouTube page, which appeared to show the moment Paul and manager Jeff Levin are told that Jake is banned from the fight night by officials, one of whom claims the decision made by veteran promoter Al Haymon.

But it now seems that the 3-0 YouTuber, who recently signed a promotional deal with broadcaster Showtime who are carrying the exhibition in the United States, will be allowed to join his brother at the event.

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