Jamie Redknapp slams Mourinho for “slagging his teams off” in damning verdict

Jose Mourinho kicks off the Serie A season with Roma this weekend, but the Portuguese is still on everyone’s mind in the UK, with Jamie Redknapp slamming his managerial style

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Jose Mourinho asks for time as he is unveiled as Roma manager

Jamie Redknapp took another swipe at Jose Mourinho on Thursday as he criticised the Portuguese’s ability to “slag his teams off”.

Redknapp has been critical of Mourinho in the past, particularly during his time at Tottenham, which ended when he was sacked back in April, just days before the Carabao Cup final.

Mourinho is now back in a job with Roma, and will begin his Serie A season when the Giallorossi host Fiorentina this weekend.

Despite moving to Italy, it appears that Mourinho is still a hot topic of discussion, with the former Manchester United and Chelsea boss cropping up in a new episode of A League of Their Own.

Jamie Redknapp took a cheeky swipe at Jose Mourinho


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Bringing back to light Mourinho’s history with Redknapp, new show host Romesh Ranganathan asked Laura Woods, who has worked with Mourinho on talkSPORT, why the iconic manager dislikes Redknapp so much.

But she replied: “The question he asked me was ‘why does Jamie Redknapp hate me so much?'”

To this the Sky Sports pundit and former Spurs midfielder took a sarcastic approach, suggesting why he may have earned his title of the ‘Special One’.

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“Wow! You know me, I’m a lover not a fighter,” said Redknapp.

“You know, he (Mourinho) is a good guy. He comes over, slags his own team off, takes loads of money and goes home.

“That is special. That’s why he’s the Special One.”

Redknapp was vocal about Mourinho’s struggles towards the end of his time at Tottenham as he appeared to come to blows with some of the players in his squad.

Mourinho’s time at Spurs came to a sorry end

He said on Sky: “He keeps making mistakes because he keeps changing back four.

“He has been treating Bale and Alli badly and now wants them to bail him out. He is making a habit of upsetting people.”

Two months later, Mourinho was given the boot by Daniel Levy.

And in spite of the impending cup final a few days later, Redknapp was adamant that Spurs chiefs had made the right decision.

He said: “I’m not surprised, I think Jose – having watched this season – you saw a manager who’s unhappy and when things go wrong he blames the players which is in his manner. They thought we can’t have them taking over for the next seven games.

“I could see it in his body language against Everton, sitting down, not interested.

“Once Jose Mourinho gets to that point it was only going one way.”

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