Jermaine Beckford has his say on Leeds’ bid to make Marcelo Bielsa stay

Jermaine Beckford claims everyone connected with Leeds wants Marcelo Bielsa to stay because he has brought back “the glory days”.

Beckford is staggered by the transformation Bielsa has engineered at Leeds and he has taken a mid-table Championship team into the top 10 in the Premier League during his two-and-a-half year reign.

Leeds had endured 16 years outside the top flight before Bielsa led them back last season as Championship winners and Beckford loves his style of play.

Chairman Andrea Radrizzani wants him to remain for next season and Beckford spoke for every Leeds fan when he said he hopes he signs a new contract.

Speaking on Sky Sports, the former Leeds striker said: “They could be successful under another manager, but I want Bielsa to stay.

Jermaine Beckford says Marcelo Bielsa has brought back Leeds’ “glory days”

“Radrizzani wants Bielsa to stay, everybody connected to Leeds United wants Bielsa to stay, every neutral would like Bielsa to say because he’s given Leeds United a whole new meaning.

“I love Leeds, I love what he’s done with Leeds and I love the feeling you get watching Leeds United, as a neutral or as a huge fan.

“He’s done that, he’s brought that to Leeds United, he’s – to an extent – brought the glory days back. Everybody is thrilled when Leeds are on television.

“If we’re being honest with ourselves, when he took over Leeds United, they were a mid-table Championship side and that’s no disrespect to them.

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“The players there were doing really, really well with what they knew and what they had at the time, to their disposal.

“Bielsa came in and the first season he came in, he completely changed the whole philosophy of the whole team – the style of play, the intensity that the players trained at and played at.

“They became beautiful to watch. From the very first game in the Championship after he took over to now, we’ve seen what he’s done over two-and-a-half, almost three years, and we’ve bought into it, and he’s bought into it.

“He’s bought into the city of Leeds, he’s bought into the football club, he’s bought into everything connected with Leeds. As Leeds United fans, we don’t want to see him leave.”

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