Joe Root and England considering formal complaint after poor third Test pitch

England’s coach and captain are mulling over making a formal complaint to the ICC over the state of the 3 rd Test pitch in Ahmedabad.

There is a clear desire from Chris Silverwood and Joe Root to not come across as sore losers, because they fully accept their team was beaten by the better side.

But a two day match in which Root’s part time off spin was genuinely deemed to be the greatest wicket-taking threat on the second day, speaks volumes about the quality of the surface.

“Joe got 5-8,” said Silverwood in response to the first question on the pitch. “It probably pushed us to the extremes of what most of our players, if any, have experienced.

“We will be talking about certain things behind the scenes. Joe and I have to have a sit down, have a conversation and see where we go with it.

Joe Root was not complimentary of the Ahmedabad pitch and now England are considering an official complaint

“I’m not saying we’ve just got to accept things, but it’s a conversation between myself and Joe at the moment.

“We do have to get better on these pitches and we do have to accept there’s places where we could have improved.

“But at the same time, we are disappointed that we are sat here when there should be three days of cricket left.”

Silverwood is not the sort of character to mope and whinge when there is a chance to roll up the sleeves and get to work on improvements and that may be where his chat with Root ends up.

There are four or possibly five more matches to come away from home this year and they are all against India or Australia.

And while England had been on a six game away winning streak before their defeat in Chennai, their record against those two plus New Zealand who are in the World Test Championship final makes for tough reading with just one win in 25 with 17 defeats.

England were thrashed by 10 wickets inside two days

This is a trend that requires reversing and with the Ashes on the horizon the question is whether or not they have the time to improve it this week, or even by the end of the year?

“We completely accept we’re not the finished article,” Silverwood added. “We have to learn from what is in front us and if we do that we’ll buck the trend and start winning.

“India are a fine side and what we have learned from them winning in Australis is that it can be done. We’ll take the lessons from that.

“We’ll see what we can fit into our game plans that they did and how we can use that.

“As tough as it is and as painful as it is at this moment, hopefully we can also take some good lessons from here.

“The next time they come onto a surface or experience a situation like this, it won’t be as much of a shock to them and they can use their skills to combat what’s in front of them.”

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