Jurgen Klopp makes rallying call to Liverpool fans ahead of Anfield return

Jurgen Klopp believes the inspiration of “10,000 positive, crazy” fans will help Liverpool complete their ‘mission impossible’ of a top four finish.

Barely two months ago, after Anfield defeat by relegated Fulham, the Reds boss suggested it was almost impossible for his side to snatch a Champions League place, following a run of six straight home losses.

Klopp put that down to being completely alone without their passionate supporters, but now he says he busting to hear the sound of the Kop in full flow once more, as they search for victory over Palace that should deliver a seat at Europe’s high table.

“It makes a difference – it affected us 100 per cent because nothing was the same,” he said of the absence of the fans.

Jurgen Klopp has called on the Liverpool fans to return to Anfield with a bang

“We all need support through life. If it is a positive criticism or a boost we all need that, football especially as it is a sport based on emotion – and that means we were alone. We knew they were there but we were alone.

“So getting 10,000 back is the best news. Let’s go with all we have plus 10,000 positive, crazy people in the stadium. I can’t wait.”

Klopp says the game against Palace – where victory would deliver a Champions League spot unless Leicester defeat Spurs by at least five clear goals – is another cup final for his team.

And he is adamant he will relish that challenge: “We are in a situation where this game is so decisive and it is absolutely great news, absolutely wonderful news!

“So whatever happens on Sunday, we found our way out to bring us to this situation. And now we have the fans. I love (their emotion in) this game since I could think.

“In the village I was born, when the first team played, 300-400 people showed up and we had only 1,200 people living in the village. I love that. It makes all the difference. It will make the difference.”

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