Just Stop Oil protestors storm Silverstone track following crash

The police had warned in the build-up to the race weekend that there had been threats of protestors taking to the track, with police warning of the dangers of doing so.

A number managed to climb a fence and force their way past marshals and onto the track before being arrested by police.

In a statement, Formula 1 said: “We can confirm that after the red flag, several people attempted to enter the track. These people were immediately removed and the matter is now being dealt with by the local authorities.”

Commenting on Just Stop Oil’s website, one of those beleived to be protesting, Bethany Mogie, 40, from St Albans said: “This is the most frightening thing I have ever done, but I’m supporting the Just Stop Oil coalition because I’m even more terrified about what this government is doing to our children.

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“They are behaving criminally and I refuse to stand by and watch. If we do not act with urgency to end our reliance on fossil fuels, climate collapse will be inevitable and unstoppable. We will lose everything. ”

It happened after the race was red flagged following the dramatic crash, which saw Zhou Guanyu’s Alfa Romeo fly upside down into the barriers.

The Chinese driver was conscious and taken away in an ambulance and there was footage of drivers being forced to drive around the protestors at low speed.

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