Kalvin Phillips’ girlfriend burst into tears at checkout as he made England team


Ashleigh Behan, the girlfriend of England and Leeds United star Kalvin Phillips, was at the checkout when she ‘screamed and cried instantly’ after hearing her man had made the Euros squad

Ashleigh and star Kalvin

The girlfriend of footballer Kalvin Phillips burst into tears when she heard he’d made the England team.

Ashleigh Behan, who Kalvin met at school, was shopping in the supermarket when he Facetimed her with the news – leaving her in floods of tears.

“I just screamed and cried instantly,” she says. “I think the checkout guy thought I was mental.”

She also hit out at the phrase WAG – meaning wives and girlfriends – which is commonly used to describe the partners of footballers, most notably those playing for the National side.

She said: “I hate it, if someone says it to my face, I could cringe to death.

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Kalvin Phillips of England in action during the UEFA Euro 2020 Championship Final against Italy


The FA via Getty Images)

Ashleigh poses for a glam pic



“I think its so outdated and mainly used as a derogatory term due to the stereotype which really isn’t the case anymore for most wives and girlfriends anyway.

“Aside from football, I literally live the most normal life and have a normal job, and normal friends and family.

“Regardless if the girls work or not, whether they’re raising families or just living their best life, because they can, it’s no-one else’s business anyway.”

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Phillips was just 11 when he met his childhood sweetheart Behan, who has previously working two jobs as a including as a receptionist.

Phillips, who earns around £50,000 a week and was one of the stand-out stars of the World Cup, has previously spoken of how close he is to his mother Lindsey, who raised him, his younger brother and two sisters.

He said: “We used to live in a three-bed house,” he said. “Me and my brother upstairs in bunk beds, my little sister and older sister in the other bedrooms and my mum used to sleep on the sofa downstairs.

“I used to get free school meals. There have been times where my mum didn’t eat at night because she had to feed us.

“My mum worked two jobs to make enough money. Grandma would chip in for food.”

Kalvin revealed last year how dad Mark had been “in and out my life since when I was young,” explaining: “He’s been in prison, out of prison. He got into the wrong crowd, drugs, fighting, anything you can name.”

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