Kane ‘proud of fans’ for role in bringing down European Super League

Kane’s Tottenham were one of 12 clubs that announced their intention to join the now doomed breakaway on Sunday, sparking outrage across football and beyond.

By Tuesday night, the project was dead in the water, with all six English clubs involved having pulled out in the face of intense fan criticism.

Players from the majority of the clubs involved have voiced their disapproval of the idea and Kane has become the latest to do so. 

Tottenham fans protest outside stadium

“I liked the outcome of it – I didn’t like the idea of it if I am totally honest,” Kane told Sky Sports. 

“I can totally understand the fans’ point of view. From a lot of people’s view it wasn’t quite right. It is what it is.

“It’s ended for now. I don’t know if they are going to come back with some sort of solution down the road.

“I am proud of the fans for sticking up for what they believe in and what they wanted and I am glad what the outcome has become.

“For football in general, people have spoken about the competitiveness, it is a really important part of football, that is the reason we play to have that hunger and desire to win and be the best so from that point of view, I totally get it.”

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