Kane’s latest injury won’t be only reason for discomfort after Liverpool defeat

It was hard to know which part of his body was giving Harry Kane the most gyp.

Right ankle, left ankle, or inside the head.

Here was his Spurs team on the back foot against the big boys yet again.

The ploy often works. It did against Manchester City here, it did when they allowed Arsenal to have 70 percent possession but nothing else when they visited in early December.

It worked to a certain, one-point effect at Stamford Bridge when a goalless draw was eked out.

It is the way Jose Mourinho knows best. Had it not been for the last-minute intervention of their nemesis, Roberto Firmino, 24 percent of possession would have been good enough for a share of the spoils at Anfield last month.

Harry Kane went off injured at half-time of Spurs’ loss

Yes, it can work. Just listen to Jose telling you how many trophies he has won.

But lop-sided occasions like this show that Spurs are probably not accomplished enough to sustain a bid for the Premier League title.

And while Kane’s individual statistics this season are predictably first class, there must be times when he looks at the vibrant, front-foot approach of teams such as Liverpool and Manchester City and allow his mind to wonder.

And while, hopefully, it will not be for too long, the England captain might now have time to wonder some more.

Kane lasted only 45 minutes

Wonder how he would enjoy operating in such attacking systems with such adventurous philosophies as those used by Jurgn Klopp and Pep Guardiola.

Wonder if Spurs have a squad strong enough and varied enough to sustain some sort of title challenge.

Wonder if a top four challenge is their limit.

Wonder if the tried and trusted Mourinho methods can really bring the big trophies to Tottenham.

Wonder if those methods can bring any trophy to Tottenham.

Wonder if, approaching 28 years of age, his yearning to add team accolades to individual acclaim – as most great players do – is unlikely to be satisfied by this coaching regime.

However troublesome this latest injury, Kane will return with his customary drive and determination.

But after this chastening defeat, the discomfort was not only in his ankle.

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