Khabib’s dad forgave McGregor and even invited him to his home in Dagestan

Despite Khabib Nurmagomedov’s late father forgiving McGregor and inviting him to his home in Dagestan, the Irishman continues to troll him

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Khabib Nurmagomedov ‘s father forgave bitter rival Conor McGregor and even invited the Irishman to his home, but McGregor continues to mock him following his death.

Adulmanap Nurmagomedov passed away last July after a long battle with coronavirus. He was unable to corner Khabib during most of his UFC career due to visa issues, but Adulmanap was always a massive part of Khabib’s success in the UFC.

McGregor came under fire this week when he seemingly mocked the death of Adulmanap in a now-deleted tweet.

After Khabib congratulated Dustin Poirier on his recent win over McGregor, stating: “Good always defeats evil”, the Irishman tweeted: “Covid is good and father is evil?”

After years of back and forth, McGregor and Khabib first clashed when ‘Notorious’ attacked a bus that Nurmagomedov and other fighters UFC were on in April 2018.

Abdulmanap was a big part of Khabib’s success in the UFC



All things led to an eventful fight at UFC 229 when Khabib submitted McGregor. A huge brawl unfolded after the fight when Khabib jumped over the octagon to attack Dillon Danis, a member of McGregor’s corner.

Khabib promised his mother that he would never fight again following his title defense against Justin Gaethje, due to his father not being by his side.

“No way I’m going to come here without my father. It was first time after what happened with my father, when UFC called me about Justin, I talk with my mother three days,” Khabib said.

“She doesn’t want me to go fight without my father but I promised her it was going to be my last fight. If I give my word, I have to follow this. It was my last fight here.”

Despite trying his hardest to make Khabib fight again, UFC president Dana White revealed in March that Khabib had vacated his UFC lightweight title and was officially retired.

Back when news broke that Abdulmanap was unable to beat his battle with Covid, many names in the MMA community paid their respects to the late coach. Among those was McGregor, who tweeted:

“The loss of a father, a coach, and a dedicated supporter of the sport. Condolences and rest in peace Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov.”

Khabib reacted to McGregor’s message by stating their heated feud is behind him and his father was the not type to hold grudges with anyone.

“Aside from sports, there are also human relations. I’m ok with McGregor. It’s behind us. To live in the past and hold grudges – it’s not me. Father wasn’t like that, and I don’t think I’ve strayed too far from him,” Khabib said.

“I don’t condone personal attacks. But who wouldn’t like it if somebody wished their father well.”

McGregor’s attacks to Khabib had toned down since the Russian’s retirement. After calling his wife “a towel” and his father a “quivering coward” in the past, McGregor even congratulated Khabib on his win over Gaethje.

In an interview taken just a few weeks before he fell ill, Abdulmanap said he forgave McGregor and invited the Irishman to his home in Dagestan.

“I invited Conor to my home. I made the statement and invited him as a guest. He can visit Dagestan why not?,” Abdulmanap said.

“Yes (I forgive him). It’s all in the past we should not stop their life goes on our religion should show grace not only in words but also in deeds. If he comes, you will see that he will be our dear guest.”

And on whether Khabib would be so cordial with McGregor, Abdulmanap said: “My Khabib, whenever I make a statement he never stands against that. It’s the rule of the game in our republic for centuries.”

McGregor had changed his tone though, stating it is only the beginning of the war between between him and Khabib.

Abdulmanap added: “Whatever decision he’s going to make, I’ll respect that. If there will be war, then it will get more exciting. When they offered 15 million for rematch, we said make it twice so we can start talking. We know our price now.”

Now retired from professional competition, Khabib has turned to coaching at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California. He also purchased and rebranded a Russian MMA promotion earlier this year, naming it the Eagle Fighting Championship (EFC).

On the other hand, McGregor is likely to be sidelined for a year after suffering a broken tibia against Poirier at UFC 264.

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