Kids’ football teams urged to make the most of grassroots cash

The Grassroots Fund has been set up to help teams with expenses and to reward unsung heroes

Kids’ football teams can apply for a handout from The Grassroots Fund

It can be an expensive game can’t it all this junior football malarkey?

By the time you’ve forked out on kits for kids who just won’t stop growing, coughed up cash for pitch hire for fields that constantly need mowing and bought balls and bibs to get the football free-flowing it soon adds up.

There’s barely enough cash left over for a half-time orange.

Well, well, well, there’s a pot of cash that might be able to help – The Grassroots Fund powered by Utilita, the energy company and huge grassroots sport advocates.

The brainchild of Grassroots Football, the fund has been established to help give kids’ football teams what they need and what they deserve.

The Grassroots Fund is the brainchild of Grassroots Football and is sponsored by energy company and huge grassroots sport advocates, Utilita.

Now, it’s important to remember that they’re not going to be able to buy you a state-of-the-art 100,000 seater stadium with retractable roof and those posh beer taps that fill a pint glass from the bottom.

But what they can help with is those pesky little expenses that blindside lots of football teams and those modest but supportive gestures that mean the world to unsung grassroots heroes.

Here’s Paul Kirton, from Grassroots Football, to explain: “Thanks to Utilita we’re able to offer this fund to support those of you who share our obsession with grassroots football.

“It might be that there’s been a break-in at your changing rooms and you need help paying for the windows to be fixed, you might welcome a bit of extra support paying for the fluorescent ‘Respect’ officer bibs so your kids always play in a positive environment.

“It could just be to send a nice bunch of flowers to Gladys, the Nan of your goalie, who turns up every week, rain or shine, to make teas for parents and other spectators.

“The Grassroots Fund is about making a difference with the little things. We’ve got funds set aside to help you, your kids, your volunteers and your teams, so let us know why you deserve it.”

Letting them know why you deserve it is easier than ever with a straightforward application process. All you have to do is visit the Grassroots Football website and fill in a simple form.

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