KJT: ‘Eight months after my operation, it’s just a victory to make it’

Operated on eight months ago, the wound has fully healed, the athlete fully fit and yet there is an uncertainty – with so little competition in her arms and legs – what she might produce over the course of the two days.

On paper, it was one of the duels of the Games with Nafi Thiam and it might yet still be but the fear is that more heartache may be added to the three no jumps at the 2015 World Championships or the high jump horrors she endured two years later in London.

The reality is even she doesn’t know quite how things will play out. She explained: “I’m 100% fit, that doesn’t mean I’m in PB shape.”

The journey to get to Tokyo has been long and painful. When the British team was announced, it was with an asterisk against Johnson-Thompson’s name to prove her fitness.

She is adamant she was never in doubt about her participation at that stage, not so at the time the injury struck.

“At the start when it first happened, as an athlete you go onto Google and try to self-diagnose and see the recovery time,” she said.

“But then I started talking to doctors and got a team around me of people who said it’s possible, and it’s going to be a long, hard process. But it’s within the timeframe, that’s what I needed to hear for me. Just get me to the startline. I feel like once I’m at the startline it’s down to me.”

She is very nearly there and hoping to lean on past glories and past performances, most notably the World Championships in Doha in 2019 when she barely put a foot wrong.

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