Klinsmann questions England’s lack of a “difference-maker” ahead of Germany test

Jurgen Klinsmann does not believe England have a game-changer who can make the difference in Tuesday’s Euro 2020 showdown with arch rivals Germany.

Germany legend Klinsmann reckons Thomas Muller is the only player capable of running the game at Wembley for 90 minutes and leading his country to a quarter-final place.

Klinsmann, a World Cup winner in 1990 and Euro 96 with Germany, is not convinced Gareth Southgate has an equivalent player who can run the show throughout.

“As a manager and a fan, you look for a player who is going to be the real difference-maker,” said Klinsmann.

“I think Thomas Muller really is a difference-maker. My hope is that he gets that moment and steps up.

Klinsmann says Thomas Muller is the key man in the Germany team

“He’s the connector of this team right now, and I don’t see England has a player like that.

“Jack Grealish is exciting, he’s fun to watch. Phil Foden and Mason Mount, they all have their brilliant moments.

“But throughout the 90 minutes, you cannot name one English player who you think, ‘okay, he really runs the show, he kind of dictates the tempo, he calms things down or maybe goes to the face of the referee and makes a complaint or whatever’.

“Like the famous Spanish team with Carles Puyol. Every time there was a tricky moment, you saw him in the face of everybody. That’s what I mean, a certain type of a leader.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean he has to be brilliant with everything he does individually, but he runs the show in a certain way. That’s what Thomas is doing.”

On England’s enduring rivalry with Germany, Klinsmann said: “It’s a big rivalry for us, too. I wouldn’t downplay it at all now, one little bit. For us it’s big, it’s huge.”

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