Kolkata Knight Riders see wicket overturned in IPL final as ball hits Spidercam

The IPL final, which saw the Chennai Super Kings come out on top against the Kolkata Knight Riders, played party to an unusual situation on Friday

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Kolkata Knight Riders star Shubman Gill was given a major reprieve in the final of the Indian Premier League, after his strike hit one of the cables belonging to the broadcaster’s Spidercam before he was caught.

With Ravindra Jadeja bowling for the Chennai Super Kings, Gill attempted to smash him for six but did not get enough distance on the shot.

Ambati Rayudu ultimately claimed an excellent catch running in from the boundary, but the umpires were forced to give Gill a reprieve.

Due to the fact the ball hit the Spidercam, it was called a dead ball and that meant that Gill could not be out.

Shubman Gill hits the ball high into the air during the Indian Premier League final

The opener then promptly hit Jadeja for back-to-back fours off his next two deliveries, before eventually getting dismissed for 51 off 43 balls.

Reacting to the incident on social media, one cricket fan wrote: “Ball hitting the spider cam.. should it not be counted as dot ball? So unfair for the bowler who has produced a wicket..”

“The spider cam ensured that this match has already gone down to the wire”, joked another.

Gill’s strike hits the spidercam in an unusual situation during the IPL final

“That is madness,” wrote a third. “Super Kings denied a wicket because the ball hit the Spider Cam.”

Chennai captain MS Dhoni has previously criticised the use of the Spidercam in cricket.

After Virat Kohli was denied a boundary in an ODI against Australia back in 2016 because the ball ricocheted off the Spidercam, Dhoni said: “I am quite a traditional guy. I have always felt that… anything that disturbs the game of cricket I don’t like it.

“It all started right from the T20 where people would be like, ‘Why don’t you wear a mic?’, ‘Why don’t you wear a camera?’ I have always felt there is a need for balance.

“At the end of the day it is a spectator sport, people watching on television, but at the same time four runs can matter, especially when it is a close game. Those four runs can be crucial.

“Everyone gets penalised, why not have the same system for the spidercam? Say, ‘Okay if you get hit, 2000 dollars per hit.’ Let’s make it interesting.”

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