Levy firm on Kane transfer talk: ‘We’ll do what is right for the club’


ottenham chairman Daniel Levy has said he will do “do whatever is right for the club” when it comes to deciding Harry Kane‘s future, insisting it is “not always possible” to please everyone in the transfer market.

Kane wants to leave his boyhood club for a Premier League rival and believes he has a gentleman’s agreement with Levy to allow to him to go this summer.

Levy said he shared Kane’s frustrations at the club’s lack of recent silverware, and said incoming managing director Fabio Paratici would be responsible for deciding which players were sold and which kept.

But in a rare interview with Spurs’ in-house media team, Levy appeared to prepare the ground for a hard line on Kane’s desire to leave, saying any decision would have to be in the best interests of the club.

“I am never going to talk specifically about an individual player in public,” Levy said when asked about speculation over Kane’s future.


“All I would say is his frustrations of us not winning is shared by me and I am sure all the fans and the players. Clearly we all want to win.

“I think one of the items that Fabio will have to deal with when he comes in is which players are being retained, which players will be asked to look for other clubs.

“But obviously there is a market out there and what we want, and what somebody else wants, is not always possible to achieve.

“We will do whatever is right for the club.”

Paratici will join the club from July 1 and have overall responsibility for all football decisions, including selecting a new manager, while working alongside technical performance director Steve Hitchen.

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