Lewis Hamilton swipe taken by Max Verstappen as Red Bull ace responds to critics

Max Verstappen has continued the war of words between himself and his Red Bull team and Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes setup after their crash at the British Grand Prix

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F1: Verstappen and Hamilton verbally spar

Max Verstappen has bashed Lewis Hamilton again for his role in their crash at the British Grand Prix in July. Relations between the two drivers and their teams have been very frosty since the crash, with both teams taking turns to make pointed comments about the incident and the drivers.

The latest move in the controversy has been made by the Dutchman in an interview with The Race. Speaking about the now notorious incident which took place during the very first lap at Silverstone, Verstappen slated his title rival’s actions.

Verstappen said: “I felt like I didn’t do anything wrong in that fight.

Lewis Hamilton has been attacked by Max Verstappen about the incident at Silverstone again


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“I gave him more than enough space but he completely misjudged the cornering speeds, and especially the angle he went into that corner there was no way he was going to make the corner with the speed he entered it.

“When you go so close to the inside wall, on the entry to Copse and then still try to do the same speed as I am doing while opening up the corner again and then giving him more than a car width space, you’re going run out of road.

“But this time he ran into my right rear and caused me to hit the wall.

“From my side I continue to race like I did. And I think he will also learn from what happened there.”

The event proved to be a huge turning point in the F1 season. The 23-year-old had a 32-point lead in the Drivers’ Championship standings going into British Grand Prix, but after Hamilton came back from a 10-second penalty in that race to win, that margin was narrowed.

Hamilton then overtook Verstappen in the standings at the Hungarian Grand Prix where there was more contention.

On that occasion, it was Hamilton’s Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas who caused Verstappen and his Red Bull partner Sergio Perez to career off the track.

While Verstappen was able to finish, his car was too damaged to be competitive in the race. Hamilton ended up with a second-place finish which means he is now eight points ahead in the battle to be world champion.

F1 is currently in its three-week mid-season break. The action returns on August 27 at the Belgian Grand Prix.

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