Liverpool fans ‘attacked with bottles and chairs’ ahead of AC Milan clash

A group of Liverpool fans were allegedly attacked in Milan by a group of 30 men ahead of their final Champions League group stage match in the northern Italian city

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Liverpool FC fans hide from Italian fan ‘attack’ in Milan

A group of Liverpool fans have allegedly been attacked in Milan ahead of their team’s Champions League group stage game on Tuesday evening.

The Reds take on the Rossoneri in their concluding group stage encounter, with thousands making the trip to the northern Italian city from Merseyside.

A group of Liverpool fans told the Liverpool Echo they were ‘targeted’ by a large gang while they were out enjoying food and drink in the city.

Video footage has been shared online which appears to show multiple fans running to get into a bar while glasses and bottles can be heard smashing in the background.

The incident was filmed along the Ripa di Porta Ticinese – a popular area of the Italian city alongside the canal, which is populated with bars and restaurants.

The alleged incident happened in the canal district of Milan



It happened ahead of the Reds concluding Champions League group stage clash



One Liverpool fan – who wished to remain anonymous – explained to the Echo that he had to receive stitches in his head after being struck on the head during the incident.

He claims that he had been drinking in what he describes as a ‘small pub’ before a group of 30 individuals, who were all dressed in black, arrived before starting to throw bottles and chairs.

The fan explained: “Basically a firm of lads in all black turned up to a small pub we were at. Threw bottles and chairs at us.

“They were spitting at us and throwing stuff. A few of us stood up and […] I ended up in middle of the gang fighting.

“They were throwing bottles and chairs and flipping tables. A few of [our] fans tried to seek shelter in one of the bars.

“I was struck with an item, either a bat, bottle or chair, I’m not sure, and it split my head open.

“I managed to get inside the bar and the rats then got off. A girl called Jen held towels on my head.

“The ambulance staff urged me to go to the hospital were I’ve had to have stitches in my head.”

He also posted to Twitter to say: “Reds, be careful over in Milan. I’m currently in the ozzy [hospital], 10 stitches and awaiting a scan. Is what it is.”

David Jones of Formby was at the scene of the incident and began filming the event unfolding.

In the footage people can be seen scrambling to get inside a bar during the commotion while glasses and bottles can be heard smashing in the background.

The 31-year-old said that it was a gang of men who were throwing tables and chairs, telling the Echo: “Dotted groups of Liverpool fans were along the canal in the bars enjoying food and a beer. Few chants now and again but nothing rowdy at all.

“Local bar owners were coming out having a laugh with the Liverpool fans and then all of a sudden a group of about 20 or more lads walk in front of the canal by us target two bars close by attack one man who ended up having to go to hospital with head injuries.”

He added: “[They were] throwing bottles, chairs and tables into other bars targeting the fans and then after a few fans stood their ground the group ran off.”

Merseyside Police have made contact with the police force in Milan in relation to the reported incidents.

Liverpool have already qualified for the knockout stages as group winners, while Milan are vying for the second qualification spot alongside Atletico Madrid and FC Porto.

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