Liverpool stars vent fury at “shambles” FIFA 22 ratings as Henderson ‘bins’ copy

Andy Robertson and Virgil van Dijk have presented a hilarious video as the duo go around Liverpool’s training ground presenting their disappointed and shocked teammates with their FIFA 22 ratings

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Liverpool’s stars were left shocked and disappointed after being given their FIFA 22 ratings which saw some of them downgraded.

In the hilarious video, Andy Robertson and Virgil van Dijk were filmed walking around Liverpool ’s AXA training centre in Kirby, telling their teammates their ratings for the new game.

They broke the bad news to some of their fellow Liverpool players about low ratings or if they had been downgraded in the latest edition of FIFA.

Stars Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Jordan Henderson were all told that they had been downgraded on the new game by their amused teammates.

The video began as Robertson and van Dijk were given their own packs.

Andy Robertson and Virgil van Dijk presented the hilarious video

The Scottish defender laughed as they realised the Dutchman had been dropped a rating but van Dijk was more surprised that his passing was lower than Robertson’s.

Robertson said: “All you can do is big diags, I can mix it up.”

Salah had been downgraded to an overall 89 rating and was the first to voice his disapproval after Robertson asked: “Why’ve you been downgraded Mo? You’ve gone down by one.”

The Egyptian attacker said: “I don’t know! I scored more goals last season than the season before I think.”

Then Robertson added: “You know what as well Mo? I’m stronger than you.” as they compared their strength ratings on the new cards.

“Milly! Milly! [Milner] Can you please explain this to me? Robbo is stronger than me!” Salah shouted across the treatment room to James Milner.

Salah was not the only one left unimpressed in the brilliant video.

When Van Dijk revealed Mane’s rating to him, the Senegalese attacker, whilst lying on the massage table, said: “I’m not happy! I’m not happy!”

One of the funniest moments came when youngster Curtis Jones had his card revealed to him.

The Liverpool academy graduate has impressed this season, forcing his way into the squad.

Sadio Mane was left unimpressed on the massage table when his FIFA 22 rating was revealed to him

But Robertson and van Dijk were audibly shocked as the midfielder was given an overall 73 rating, making a silver card.

Another highlight came as van Dijk approached one of his centre-back partners, Englishman Joe Gomez.

Before the Dutchman could even present the limited edition game and reveal his card, Gomez said: “Bro I’ve already seen, it’s a shambles…it’s a shambles I don’t want it!”

“Seriously, Milly, out of 100 to only have 30 shooting, even my pace has gone down!”

They left Gomez, unimpressed, laying where they found him.

After joking earlier they had to include Henderson after he said he did not want to be involved, Robertson joked: “Beware guys, this one could get aggressive,” as he tracked down the Reds’ skipper.

Henderson was left unimpressed by the card, but Robertson joked about what was likely his pace, which was only at 66 for the midfielder.

He also shouted: “He’s a centreback ennit this year gaffer!” across the canteen after Henderson spent significant periods of last season filling in at the back.

Later in the video Henderson is filmed pretending to drop his pack into a bin he walks past before retrieving it.

Robertson and van Dijk were left audibly shocked when Curtis Jones’ silver card was revealed

At the beginning of the video, the presenting pair joked that Joel Matip’s dribbling should be 98 because of the centre-back’s marauding runs.

When they found Matip, van Dijk was left more disappointed about his rating.

“68 dribbling? Are you kidding EA Sports?” van DIjk said.

‘I’m starting a petition to have Joel Matip with 85 dribbling at least!’

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