Logan Paul and KSI forced to cancel London meet-up after hundreds pack streets

YouTube stars Paul and KSI, who catapulted to mainstream stardom during their boxing rivalry years ago, are in the UK for the long-awaited launch of their beverage company Prime

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Jake Paul’s update on KSI vs Alex Wassabi

Logan Paul and KSI have been forced to cancel a meet-and-greet event with fans after hundreds packed the streets to see the YouTube duo.

The YouTube stars had planned meet-ups at the Leyton and Watford Asda stores where their new drink Prime was launching today. But after massive crowds showed up at both stores, the supermarket cancelled the second event.

Fans were promised that Paul and KSI would be handing out merchandise and drinks at the stores after the beverage went on sale at select stores today, but celebrations were called short. The stores were mobbed by fans of the social media stars, who arrived atop an open top bus along with pals Mike Majlak, George Janko and Jidion.

The pair were once fierce rivals over their boxing feud, but have paired up to launch their new drink, which has been a monster hit in America during its initial launch. Fans had been scrambling to get their hands on the beverage for weeks, and hundreds of them lined the streets outside stores today.

Ultimately, after a rowdy scene at the Watford store, which is KSI’s hometown, management had to make the decision to pull the Leyton stop to allow the shop to open as normal. KSI shared a message to fans on Instagram saying: “Asda cancelled the Leyton meetup, sorry everyone.”

An Asda spokesperson told Mirror Fighting : “We’re excited to be the first UK supermarket to stock the Prime Hydration drink and judging by the reaction at the Watford store, our customers are too. It proved to be so popular we had to temporarily close the store for a short period to manage access and we apologise for any inconvenience this caused.”

Stores across the UK will begin stocking the drink over the coming weeks, after the brand sold over 10million units within its first few months in America. The pair launched the company earlier this year, and are planning to become billionaires by overtaking brands like Lucozade and Gatorade.

KSI and Logan Paul were greeted by hundreds of fans at their UK launch this afternoon


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“I want to be able to say one day that KSI saved my career, but I made him a billionaire,” Paul said during a recent appearance on the Flagrant podcast hosted by comedian Andrew Schulz.

“The beef was f***ed,” Paul added. “The beef was real, we hated each other, that’s why Prime has an innate sense of relatability and hope that you can make friends and connect.

“KSI and I f***ing hated each other, the beef was real, then he beat me in the rematch by a point where I had a weird two-point deduction. He won and it didn’t affect me because I knew what it was like to lose.

“And I just don’t feel like I lose, there was a line in a diss track I made where I said ‘yeah, I took an L but I never really lose’. I can take an L but there’s learning in that and I learned that KSI and I were like, f*** the beef, we’re the same person just across the pond. In a weird way, we’re really alike.”

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