Logan Paul backed to perform better than Conor McGregor against Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul has a better chance of defeating Floyd Mayweather than Conor McGregor did, according to the American’s former opponent Victor Ortiz.

YouTuber Paul will take on Mayweather in a lucrative exhibition bout on February 20.

It comes after McGregor famously swapped MMA for boxing to take on the unbeaten star in 2017 – but was defeated in Round 10.

Ortiz was also beaten by Mayweather in 2011, and speaking to MMAFighting he insisted Paul will be a bigger threat to him than McGregor ever was.

“Conor couldn’t do nothing,” he said of their bout.

“I don’t mean to speak bad. Conor’s a heck of a UFC fighter in the octagon, but he has no business in a ring, as opposed to someone like Logan – Logan learned in a ring.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul will fight in the ring in February

“So his stuff is all standup. Everything about Logan is boxing, angles, moving, so it’s two different worlds.

“I couldn’t tell you what someone like Logan or myself could do in an octagon, but stick to what you know. And Logan, he knows boxing right now.”

Ortiz has been helping Paul prepare for the fight – and thinks the 25-year-old could surprise a few people.

“He’s a dear friend, and I believe in him,” he added. “I’m telling you, it’s going to be an interesting fight.

“I’ve talked to him about Floyd a few times. I give him the simple things: ‘Floyd is Floyd, but you’re unstoppable. You’re on another level.’

Mayweather beat Conor McGregor in 2017

“I strongly believe Floyd will have trouble. Logan can box, and he has power, reach speed, and he can move now.”

“I can absolutely see 110 per cent why they would be upset. I can agree to a certain extent. But honestly, realistically, today’s society is about numbers.

“You can be one heck of a boxer, but if you’re not putting butts in seats, you ain’t getting paid.”

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