Logan Paul makes emotional promise to tearful dad before Floyd Mayweather fight

Logan Paul shared an emotional moment with his father Greg before his exhibition fight against Floyd Mayweather tonight.

Mayweather is a heavy favourite to win the fight despite Paul clocking in 35lbs heavier than him at the weigh-in last night.

The 50-0 fighter has been judged by fans, boxers and pundits alike for taking the bout as he could potentially dent his legacy if he loses to Paul.

The YouTuber has only fought twice in his career so far, drawing and losing to fellow YouTuber KSI.

But despite the odds being stacked against him, Paul told his dad he would get the win after he got emotional due to his pride for his son.

Logan Paul with his dad Greg after weighing in to face Floyd Mayweather

Paul said: “Save the tears for tomorrow night. We are going to be celebrating victory. I’m going to get it done, I’m going to get it done.”

And his dad added Paul has already won.

He said: “I’m teary eyed I’m so happy. You are doing s**t that people aren’t doing and it’s savage. It’s your f***ing fight game. You don’t quit.

“Because of that you have already won a million times. But dude when you win this fight I’ll ball my eyes out.”

The Pauls are confident their camp will get a win but with the rules of the fight a victor may not be determined.

No judges will be present at the eight-round bout and no official winner will be crowned but knock-outs are permitted.

The pair agreed to have lighter gloves to increase the chances of KO in the fight. The gloves were going to be 12 ounces but they have been decreased to 10.

And while many people would fear the former pound-for-pound No.1, Paul has said he isn’t intimidated by the 44-year-old.

Paul told the True Geordie podcast : “I kid you not. I said this on stage, the only thing I could think was ‘this is the guy?’ This is the larger than life, highest paid athlete in the world? The greatest boxer of our generation?

“I was looking down going ‘this is it?’ It was slightly underwhelming, not a let-down but for me exciting because I really thought that I’m going to do this.

“I’m just not intimidated, not impressed.”

While Mayweather is focused on his fight with Paul, it has been rumoured that he is interested in offering Conor McGregor a rematch after he defeated the UFC legend in 2017.

The rivalry between the two fighters is still personal which is fuelling Mayweather’s desire to fight the Irish star again.

He told Showtime Sports: “Absolutely. He [sic] easy. The beef is all these guys look up to me, steal my blueprint and then get to hating on me.”

And Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather promotions, added: “That right there is very personal.

“After everything, where they left the ring, they hugged, but things are a little different now.”

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