Logan Paul meets with Dubai fight promoter as Anderson Silva talks heat up

Logan Paul was in Dubai this week as talks over a potential boxing match with Anderson Silva began to heat up.

After a message was leaked by Dillon Danis indicating that Paul v Silva was sin the works for Dubai on September 19, the YouTube star’s manager Jeff Levin confirmed that talks were underway.

Levin told ESPN that it is unsure as yet if the fight would be a fully professional bout, or an exhibition, similar to Paul’s most recent event against Floyd Mayweather.

And on a recent trip that also included a stop in Ibiza and Madrid, Paul met with fight promoter Tam Khan in Dubai for a dinner at popular restaurant Nobu.

The flashy spot, which is located in Atlantas at The Palm in Dubai, hosted a meal for Paul, Khan, and a number of other important players in the internet space.

Paul’s podcast co-host Mike Majlak attended, as well as top Middle Eastern influencer Rashid Belhasa and marketing supremo Taav Cooperman.

Logan Paul could face Anderson Silva in his next bout

It remains to be seen if Khan, who is 6-3 as a mixed martial artist in his own right, would get involved in the promotion of the event, but he is a key player in the ‘influencer boxing’ scene in the region.

The former fighter will put on a fight card in Dubai next weekend at the Coca-Cola Arena, which pits Youtubers including Belhasa, Adam Saleh and Slim Albaher against other social media stars.

Paul recently returned to training in he and his brother Jake’s Puerto Rico base after taking time off to holiday in the UK, Italy, Las Vegas and California.

Mirror Fighting understands that he has looked sharp in sparring sessions, despite his claims to have been drinking heavily since his bout with Mayweather.

He reportedly dropped a high-level fighter in his first session back after going on a self-proclaimed ‘drinking bender’.

Paul was celebrating going the eight-round distance with Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match last month, where no winner was declared due to exhibition rules.

Meanwhile, Silva recently made his return to professional boxing, defeating former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in a massive upset victory in Mexico.

There is strong respect between Silva and the Paul brothers, with the elder of the two saying that he was inspired to fight by a meeting with Silva during his historic UFC title run.

“Everyone has the moment where they meet a celebrity,” Paul explained while talking to YouTuber True Geordie, who allowed him to use his podcast studio to interview KSI for his podcast ‘Impaulsive’.

“The first celebrity I ever met and got a picture with was Anderson Silva, he was so famous, I was so excited, it was one of those where I was like ‘look who I’m with!’

“When I was growing up I wanted to be Anderson Silva, I was like ‘oh my God that guy is so bada**, I want to fight like him and be famous like him’, and now he wants to fight me!”

And the feeling is mutual, with the legendary former middleweight champion saying that he believes Paul will be his next opponent.

“I respect both, and I respect the sport,” Silva said of Paul and his brother.

“I think everything’s possible. I think it’s the next fight may be with Logan Paul, maybe.”

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