Logan Paul shows off 40mm screw after breaking hand on drunken night out

A boozed-up Paul punched a wall while trying to achieve a record score on a punching machine while on a night out in Hamburg in Germany

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John Kavanagh “would love” to train Logan and Jake Paul

YouTube boxer Logan Paul is confident he will return to the ring despite having a 40mm screw inserted into his right hand.

The social media star broke his hand when he punched a wall when trying to hit a punching machine on a drunken night out in Hamburg in Germany. He was taken to hospital where he had an operation and was told he may not fight again.

Paul was at the forefront of the explosion of interest in social media boxing when he twice fought rival KSI, drawing their white-collar bout before losing their professional rematch. He also went eight rounds with ring legend Floyd Mayweather last summer, although no winner was announced.

Paul’s most recent endeavour has seen him auction 99 Polaroid photos which document different days of his life. His latest offering depicts his friend pouring tequila down his throat while he recovers from surgery. Paul explained: “I was very reckless during this point in my life. After all I just accidentally drunkenly broken my hand in Germany by punching a wall. I didn’t really give a f*** about many things. I was feeling like a bit of a loose cannon.

“So in hospital after my surgery, which went well by the way, I now have a 40mm screw in the centre of my hand and after months of physical therapy I can make a fist now so it looks like I’ll be boxing again. In the recovery room, I had a friend wear a nurse outfit and a very red wig and straddle me while pouring tequila in my mouth while I was holding a joint.”

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Paul is the older brother of Jake who has established a record of 5-0 as a professional fighter. He will make his return to the ring on August 6 against an as-yet unknown opponent. He and his sibling are training in Puerto Rico where they base themselves before fights.

Paul had called out Brazilian social media star Whindersson who responded positively, but no talks appear to have taken place over a potential bout.

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