Man City and Chelsea fans in fresh clashes in Porto ahead of UCL final

Skirmishes broke out between Manchester City and Chelsea fans this evening.

Police moved in to break up two groups of supporters as they confronted each other outside a bar on the banks of the River Douro.

Punches were thrown by fans from both sides.

A drink was thrown and Portuguese officers quickly moved in to calm the situation.

The clashes follow on from more angry exchanges on Thursday night as officers enforced a closure of a bar at 10.30pm due to Covid-19 measures.

Many fans didn’t realise there was a strict 10.30pm drinking curfew to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

One Chelsea fan was led off drenched in blood.

Some City fans were involved in skirmishes with police.

Prior to those rows both sets of supporters had been singing together and finding some common ground by taunting Manchester United.

One fan said: “It was pretty minor – some people wanted another drink and the police were determined to move people on and back to their hotels.

“There was no trouble between Chelsea and City fans.”

In a separate incident, City and Chelsea fans clashed in a city centre street as they returned to their hotels following the 10.30pm curfew.

Mobile phone footage posted online showed the supporters fighting before police stepped in to break it up.

Then final had initially been due to take place in Istanbul, but was moved after travel to Turkey from the UK was blocked due to coronavirus restrictions.

City are considered favourites for the match, and their star man Kevin De Bruyne says they will be considered failures if they lose.

The Belgian said: “As players, we understand the magnitude of the game. If you win, you’re a hero and if you lose, you’re almost a failure, even if you’re not a failure because getting to this stage is incredibly well done by the team and an individual.

“But if you don’t win, it will be something you don’t really want to experience.”

He added: “It’s been one of the goals of the club and to perform on the highest stage in the world is something of a privilege.

“I think everybody understands the pressure that it has but at least we can enjoy this game.

“We should take it with a smile and take it as something where you want to perform and show your best.”

Chelsea star Jorginho says the Blues are preparing for the match to go to penalties.

“We are prepared but I’m not going to say how,” he said.

“But I think this game can be solved in details and maybe the opportunities to change things for us not just for me but the whole team trains and will be ready for everything that is coming tomorrow.”

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