Man City ‘complain to Sky Sports’ after Roy Keane called Kyle Walker an ‘idiot’

Manchester City have reportedly launched a complaint to Sky Sports in response to their pundit Roy Keane calling Kyle Walker an “idiot”.

The notoriously tough-talking Keane was far from impressed with the England full-back after he tripped Sadio Mane to give away a penalty in the first half of City’s 1-1 draw with Liverpool on November 8.

He launched a scathing attack on Walker during Sky’s analysis at half-time, responding to a question about how Mane won the spot-kick by saying: “Because he’s up against an idiot,” before later adding “he’s a car crash, he keeps making these types of mistakes and is rightly punished for it.”

Roy Keane’s comments came after Kyle Walker gave away a penalty in a game against Liverpool

According to the Daily Mail, City believe Keane crossed the line with the word “idiot”, and have contacted the broadcaster to register their discontent with his choice of words.

England manager Gareth Southgate also appeared less than impressed with Keane’s comments and jumped to his player’s defence recently.

“I think he’s playing extremely well,” Southgate said on the criticisms of Walker.

“Observations and analysis are fine, I think personal criticism less so. I think we have to be careful about that.

“I’m very happy with what Walker is doing. He’s playing every game for his club because the manager trusts him and feels he needs him. So if he’s doing that for Pep it’s an indication of the quality.”

Roy Keane has developed a reputation as one of the harshest pundits around

Sky have so far declined to comment on City’s complaint, but they regularly state that their pundits are there to express their own individual opinions.

They were forced to issue an apology on air to Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha at the start of the season, however, after Patrice Evra commented on false rumours on an alleged romance he had with David Moyes’ daughter while he was at Manchester United.

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