Mancini: Italy tactics for Euros Final? To entertain the world again

The Azzurri has impressed throughout the tournament, racking up 12 goals, second only to the Spain side they eliminated in the semi-finals.

Italy are preparing to return to Wembley for the third time and deny a crowd heavily in opponents England’s favour in Sunday’s Final.

Asked to describe his team, Mancini told reporters: “Entertaining and fun, but also concrete and substantial. There have been some tough matches. Some have been extremely challenging.

“Nothing was easy, even in the group stage we did a good job to get over the line as quickly as possible after two matches. But it has been a rocky road along the way, we have had to battle hard.

“I hope the team can once again entertain people for another 90 minutes tomorrow before they go on holiday – one last effort.”

The Italy midfield’s ability to dictate possession and stretch opponents with slick passing has stood out on their road to the final.

Mancini underlined that he has no plans to tinker with his tactics against a physical England side, despite struggling to impose that style against Spain.

“We have always played this way. Even against Spain we wanted to play like that, but they did a good job in limiting us, they kept the ball better than us,” he said.

The nation unites behind England ahead of Euro final

“However, we will try and do what we have done thus far and what has brought us this far, we can’t change that now.

“England are a very physically capable side all across the pitch. They are stronger than us from that perspective. But you play football with the ball on the deck and we hope to do a better job on that score, we hope those will be important qualities in a match like tomorrow night.

“Occasionally the smaller guy wins, that has happened to us in the past, and we hope that happens to us this time around.”

Additional reporting by Reuters.

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