Mancini: Wales and Italy will not engineer ‘Biscotto’ draw to progress


oberto Mancini says Italy and Wales will not engineer a draw in their final Group C game, though a point would give both what they need.

Italy sit on six points and need just a point to win the group, while Wales – on four points – will qualify for the knockout stages with a point in Rome.

Despite a draw suiting both, Mancini has assured that the two will not play out a “Biscotto” draw, the Italian term used for the situation which translates as biscuit.

It originates from the Latin for cooked twice and the idea is apparently you cannot make a biscotto on your own, hence the double element of the name.

Italy’s have more motivation than simply topping the group. Mancini’s side are on a run of 29 games without loss and are one short of the all time national record.

“I think the term ‘Biscotto’ is used when there are two teams that have the same goal and the result would allow them to both go through,” said Mancini.

“That’s not an issue for us because we already have six points and are already through to the last 16.

“So we either go to London or Amsterdam, it depends on the final score, and this ‘Biscotto’ chat doesn’t pertain to us.

“We will go wherever we need to in the draw. We’re not really bothered by which team we come against.

“If we go to Amsterdam because we finish runners-up so be it. If we win the group so much the better. Our target is to win the match.”

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