Manny Pacquiao trains with Logan Paul and aims dig at Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul reportedly told Manny Pacquiao that he was happy that he faced Floyd Mayweather, and not Pacquiao, in his most recent exhibition boxing match.

The YouTube star visited Pacquiao at the Wild Card Gym in California yesterday, where the boxing legend is preparing for a fight with Errol Spence in Las Vegas next month.

And after watching Pacquiao train in the flesh, the multiple-weight world champion claimed that Logan said he was relieved that he took on Mayweather instead when he last stepped into the ring earlier this year.

“Honored to have Logan Paul come by Wild Card Boxing today,” Pacquaio said on social media, in a post that showed a photo of he and Paul.

“After watching me work out he said he was glad he fought Mayweather instead of me!”

Paul responded on Instagram, saying that Pacquiao was looking “sharp as hell” going into his historic bout with Spence on August 21 at the T-Mobile Arena.

And in an interview with ESNews after the session, Paul said that he felt Pacquiao, at age 42, was looking like he was in his prime ahead of the fight.

Logan Paul and Manny Pacquiao at the Wild Card Gym yesterday

“He’s looking sharp,” Paul said. “Someone made a comment when we were watching, they said ‘man, imagine Manny in his prime’.

“I said ‘he does look like he’s in his prime, he looks sharp… He doesn’t look 42.”

Paul also disclosed that he has ‘been partying a lot’ since his bout with Mayweather, which went the eight round distance in Miami last month.

He recently returned to training in Puerto Rico, where his brother Jake is preparing to fight Tyron Woodley on August 29.

And Mirror Fighting understands that he recently sparred with a high-level MMA fighter, whom he dropped in an intense training session.

But he is unsure of what his fighting future holds, as he prepares to sell his $6.55million mansion in Encino and move full-time to Dorado, Puerto Rico and continue training.

“I’ve been drinking,” he said. “Not a little bit, a lot of bit, all gas no breaks.

“I’m honestly so confident in my ability, I feel like I could take on anyone and I just want to fight someone who brings in pay-per-view numbers, that’s my criteria.

“Who are you and will people pay to watch you fight?”

Pacquiao will face Spence next in one of the biggest fights of the summer, and his recent jab at Mayweather isn’t the first he has made in the build-up.

In the lead-up to his exhibition bout with Paul, Mayweather said he was going to offer advice to Pacquiao’s upcoming opponent Spence, having been in the ring with him in the past.

And asked if Mayweather had been in contact, Spence told reporters at a press conference that he had yet to get a call, before Pacquiao interrupted him to say that he is in fact a superior fighter.

“I don’t think Errol needs advice from Floyd Mayweather,” Pacquiao said. “I believe that Errol is a better fighter than Mayweather.

“Errol can teach Floyd how to fight toe-to-toe.”

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