Maths expert shares perfect spot to place penalty kick as England face Germany

An Oxford University expert has shared the perfect place to put a penalty kick ahead of England taking on Germany tonight.

England face Germany at Wembley Stadium at 5pm in an eagerly anticipated Round of 16 Euro 2020 clash.

Of course, if tonight ends up anything like 1990 or 1996 did, then England will need to follow this maths whizz’s advice.

Dr Tom Crawford took to social media to share the maths behind a penalty shoot out.

He said: “Suppose we want to work out the perfect placement of a penalty kick in a game of football?

“We can start by drawing our goalposts.

“Now, you want to avoid the goalkeeper so we are going to represent the goalkeeper by something called the ‘diving range’.

“This is how far he can dive in approximately half a second between a penalty kick being kicked and the ball then hitting the net.

“This is a semi circle which has a radius of 2.86 metres.

An Oxford University expert has shared the perfect place to put a penalty kick

“We want to be as far away from the goalkeeper possible, as far away from the post possible, and as far away from the crossbar possible.”

He added: “So we want to aim for the centre of this circle in the top corner of the goal.

“Let us suppose this circle has an unknown radius – X.

“The trick is to figure out an equation for this unknown variable X, which we use using X squared minus 18x plus 11 must be equal to zero.

“This is solved using a quadratic formula. It will come out that X is about 0.63 metres.

“So the answer to the question where you should aim your penalty kick and maximise your chance of scoring is exactly 0.63 metres inside the post, and 0.63 metres below the crossbar.”

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