Matt Wallace: ‘PGA Championship put a stop to what people think of me’


very tournament I play now, I try to see it as a Major.

There are such big events on the PGA Tour right now that they can change your season, help produce Ryder Cup points, even change your life.

That’s pretty much the same to the Majors. Take Wells Fargo – it’s held a PGA Championship before, although it might have played a bit differently.

Majors wise, the PGA is my best result – third back in 2019 – and that was important in the sense I needed that result to put a stop to what people thought of me.

There was this perception I was winning on the European Tour but couldn’t do it in the big events and, so, to come out third at the PGA that was a bit of a, “there we go, I can do it”.

Now I think people wouldn’t be that surprised if I was up there again in this week’s PGA Championship.

As it was with the Masters, it’s the best I’ve felt going into the Majors. I’ve probably been in better shape with my putter before but putting can always come and go a little bit, and I know I’m not putting to my usual standards.

But tee to green’s the best it’s been. At the Valero the week before the Masters, I had the unenviable record of becoming the first person in history to gain 15 strokes tee to green and not win a PGA Tour event.

At the Masters, I had unbelievable control of the golf ball, as well my strike, rhythm and feels and the confidence of having Lordy (caddie Gareth Lord) on my bag. I was a little bit disappointed that my short game wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be.

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