Micah Richards ranks hardest Sky Sports pundits including “weasel” colleague

The former Manchester City defender was appearing on Sky One’s League of their Own and was asked to put his pundit colleagues in order of boxing skills

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Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards’ hilarious goal reaction

Micah Richards has ranked himself as the toughest Sky Sports pundit, edging out renowned hardman Roy Keane.

The former Manchester City defender was appearing on Sky One’s ‘League of their Own’ when he was asked to order his colleagues when it came to boxing ability.

Richards initially placed Graeme Souness bottom, explaining: “Well Souey would be bottom because he’s the oldest.”

However, Jamie Redknapp, who knows Souness well from his Liverpool days, quickly responded: “I don’t agree with you… Souey would ruin Gary Neville. Souey can fight, Souey is tough.”

And Richards didn’t need much persuasion labelling the Manchester United legend a “weasel”.

Micah Richards ranked himself above the likes of Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher

He continued: “Yes, of course! Gary Neville the weasel. Of course it’s Gary Neville.

“Gary Neville: sixth. Souey fifth. Jamie fourth.”

Redknapp felt he could take Jamie Carragher, although Richards was having none of it, placing him third behind Keane and then himself.

Keane and Richards have developed a brilliant on-screen chemistry in recent months, with the latter’s brilliant sense of humour regularly bringing a smile to the Irishman’s face.

But he may incur the wrath of his Sky colleague, who previously revealed his boxing background, competing in a number of amateur fights as a youngster.

“Where I grew up boxing, hurling and football, soccer is all you do, just to keep busy and pass an evening,” Keane told Gary Neville on The Overlap .

“I liked the boxing at United, it’s more the training that I enjoyed.

Keane knows a thing or two about swinging punches


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“I didn’t have like fifty amateur fights, I only had like three or four, but when training sessions started clashing I decided I wanted to stick with soccer.

He added: “I enjoyed it because it is like a discipline and it is something different.

“When I say I done the boxing I was only nine or ten years of age, so it was only for like three or four years.”

Richards, 33, is open to having a crack in the ring himself, eyeing a fight with BT Sport pundit Rio Ferdinand.

Richards was less than complimentary about Gary Neville


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Ferdinand had previously looked to gain a license and trained for six months only for the British Boxing of Board Control to reject his application.

However, Richards would fancy a crack at the former England star, adding: “I have been working on it a little bit but technique’s a little off, right knee is not great.

“I’m trying to train, just for fitness.

“Well, I would have a fight against Rio, yes. He thinks he’s a big man doesn’t he Rio?”

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