Mike Tyson explains reasons he was ‘really dark’ in pre-fight press conferences

Mike Tyson has lifted the lid on his infamous pre-fight press conferences and admitted he can be a “heavy dude”.

The 54-year-old gained the nickname ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ as a result of his antics both in the ring and out of it.

A number of his press conferences got heated, and he was involved in an altercation with opponent Lennox Lewis as well as a reporter in 2002.

Speaking on his HotBoxin with Mike Tyson podcast, Iron Mike – who recently returned to take on Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition clash – looked back on some of his more infamous moments.

Things often got heated at Mike Tyson’s pre-match press conferences

“I was always crossing the line,” he said. “I remember one time Larry Holmes put his hand out and I didn’t shake his hand.

“I was that kind of guy, I was really dark, because I was insecure. I’m a heavy dude sometimes.”

Tyson has returned to superb shape despite years of drink and drug abuse, and it remains to be seen if he returns for another exhibition fight in the near future.

Meanwhile,he  has also recently been discussing Jake Paul’s desire to take on Conor McGregor with the American YouTube star.

Paul has repeatedly called out McGregor – going as far as offering him $50million to fight.

And in an interview conducted before last weekend’s UFC 257 main event, Paul told Tyson about his ‘feud’.

Tyson recently returned to the ring to take on Roy Jones Jr.
Tyson recently returned to the ring to take on Roy Jones Jr.

“I called out Conor McGregor while the whole entire world was watching,” he said. “He’s fighting a guy, Dustin Poirier, who’s 5’9″, 155 lbs, who he TKOed already in one round. He’s fighting him again. Why?”

Tyson responded: “You know Conor’s not afraid of you, right?”

Paul continued: “I don’t give a s**t if he’s afraid of me. You don’t have to be afraid of someone to get your ass beat.

“There’s a $50 million offer, proof of funds waiting in a bank account for him.”

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