Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr fight rules including judges and knockouts

Will they or won’t they knock each other out?

That is the big question heading into tonight’s bizarre clash between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

The heavyweight rivals have agreed to fight over eight two-minute rounds in an exhibition fight in Los Angeles.

But confusion surrounds the rules of the bout, including whether or not the former world champions are allowed to knock each other out.

There is also uncertainty over whether a winner will be named, despite the protestations from both men.

Here, we sort the fact from the fiction to explain exactly what will happen in the early hours of Sunday morning…

1. Rounds

We know for sure that there will be eight two-minute rounds tonight with the usual minute in between.

Both Tyson and Jones Jr are unhappy that they are not fighting three-minute rounds as they did when they were professionals.

In fact, they’ve gone so far as to compare their fight to a women’s bout where two-minute rounds are the norm.

Tyson said: “I’m sure they had their reasons but the women fight two minutes.

“But this is bigger than me, it’s not all about me, so who am I to talk. I’m just happy that we’re doing it.”

And Jones Jr added: “I’m not happy at all, that’s for women. Why would I want two minute rounds? We’re not women, we’re two of the best to ever do it.

“Why cut it to two minutes, it doesn’t do anything for him or for me; it cheats the fans who are excited.

“It was advantageous for everybody to keep it to three minutes.”

2. Gloves and headguards

Tyson and Jones will not wear headguards but will wear 12oz gloves compared to the 10oz gloves they would have worn in their prime.

The extra padding should reduce the likelihood of a bad knockdown or knockout.

3. Knockdowns and knockouts

There has been huge confusion over whether Tyson and Jones Jr are allowed to knock each other down – or out.

Both men have insisted they are treating this like a ‘proper’ fight but the California State Athletic Commission, who have sanctioned it, insisted it would be a glorified sparring session and that the referee would step in if it became too violent.

But since that announcement, the event organisers have insisted knockdowns are allowed which would appear to be the final say on the matter.

4. Scoring and winner

Again, the CSAC insisted the fight will not be scored and that no winner would be announced – but they were once again wrong.

The WBC have involved themselves in the bout and will be scoring the fight remotely with three former champions – Christy Martin, Vinny Pazienza, and Chad Dawson.

The result will be announced and a belt presented to the winner.

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