Millwall fans who booed players taking the knee are hiding behind a racist lie

What’s funny, is that when we take two or three stand-alone cameras to England games in Montenegro or Bulgaria, we manage to pick out the face of every booing, whistling or monkey-chanting fan in the ground.

Yet when a significant proportion of 2,000 Millwall fans — season ticket holders, no less — boo their own players for taking a knee as part of English football’s anti-racism drive, none of them are caught on film doing it.

So, when Millwall host QPR at the New Den on Tuesday, how about we turn the 10 or 20 cameras inside the ground on their supporters in the seconds before kick-off?

And if they pick up anyone booing again, let’s track them outside the stadium and ask them why they did it.

They’ll say it’s because ‘Black Lives Matter is Marxist and anti-Churchill’, that ‘they’re anarchists’, of course.

Colin Kazim-Richards of Derby stood in protest while some Millwall fans booed

And they will try again to hide behind the bulls*** they have been spouting these past few days.

Because that’s what it is — a lie, a red herring, a cover, an abuse of the truth.

I mean, the idea that Millwall fans have suddenly become the game’s moral guardians is as laughable as you will hear.

As a collective, they’ve a rap sheet as long as their arms for racist incidents over the years and I’ve always trusted in the classic Maya Angelou statement which says, ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time’.

As football fans, we have been told enough times now to know that English football is backing a black lives matter campaign, lower case, and not Black Lives Matter.

There is no political affiliation whatsoever.

That’s why those Millwall fans who booed have just done what racists always do — pick and choose an argument that is convenient and go and hide behind it.

It’s not just those doing the booing that I’m disgusted with, though, because the same goes for the club as well.

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In their 200-odd word statement, the words ‘anti-racism’ were not used, nor were the words ‘racism’, ‘race’, ‘black’, or ‘mixed ethnicity’.

The closest it got was ‘discrimination’, which of course was deliberate.

Because if you’re a Millwall fan and a racist reading that then your hackles aren’t going to be raised as they would be if you read words like ‘anti-racism’.

So if they don’t now find a way to identify anyone guilty of booing the next time it happens — and it will — then the statement is a red herring as well.

And if they do, then I hope they ban any and all guilty parties from football for life.

What this whole episode has told me is that we might have to think about outlawing anything from the game that has any sort of political background.

I wear my poppy with pride year in, year out to remember my grandfather who fought in Ypres and at the Somme, and was shot at both, but I’m also aware that, to some, the poppy is a political symbol.

So either we say, ‘We have no political gestures in sport whatsoever’, or we as human beings have the brain power to say, ‘We’re not going to boo players taking a knee, because they are doing it for the general point of anti-discrimination in society’.

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