Mourinho: Join Ainsworth’s rock band? I would destroy it!


ose Mourinho has hailed Wycombe’s rock-and-roll manager Gareth Ainsworth for his longevity in management. . . but says he won’t be joining him for a song because he would “destroy” his music!

Tottenham face Wycombe in the fourth round of the FA Cup on Monday night when Mourinho and Ainsworth will meet in the dugout.

Ainsworth has been in charge of Wycombe for more than eight years and is the second longest-serving manager in England.

He is also the lead singer in a rock band called Cold Blooded Hearts.

Ainsworth got Wycombe promoted to the Championship against the odds last season and Mourinho has praised the job he has done at Adams Park.

But the Spurs manager says he will not be joining him on stage any time soon.

“One thing is the coach and another thing is the man,” said Mourinho.

“The coach is good. You only stay in the club for so long if you are good. You play in different divisions, you are promoted, you stay and fight in a difficult competition like they are now in the Championship.

“He knows what he wants. His team has a certain way to play. He knows clearly the way he wants to play. He knows clearly how to make the best out of his players so the coach is good.

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“Then the man. He must be a guy that enjoys his life. He looks to me a happy guy and if to be happy, part of his life is to play the rock, to sing, to be part of that beautiful world which is the music, he just has to do it.

“I remember somebody was saying, or he himself was saying, with a different haircut you are going to be seen as a great coach by others, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the haircut.

“Pep Guardiola has no haircut. My haircut is always the same, old-fashioned, white-hair haircut, and he has this long rock star hair, amazing. I’m really pleased he’s a good coach and a happy guy.

“I feel sorry I cannot sing with him because I will destroy his music!”

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