Moyes growing a ‘different’ West Ham compared to dark day vs Burnley

David Moyes – who took the squad to Miami for a controversial trip immediately after the game, but returned with a win over Southampton in the next game – went on to save the club from relegation before being told his contract was not being renewed, and Manuel Pellegrini was appointed in his place.

The Scot returned to the club a year ago to find it in a similar position. The anger towards the board was not quite as fervent as that day against Burnley, but was certainly still present. That anger still remains today in many corners of the fanbase but, thanks to the work done by Moyes and his squad, it has been pushed well below the surface.

As Sean Dyche and his side return this weekend, Moyes knows they are coming back to a very different club.

“I remember the day really well, because I got hammered for taking the team to Miami the day after,” said Moyes. “[It was] probably one of the best trips we had and probably one of the best things we done. It completely changed our fortunes.

“But we’ve got a different West Ham growing and I want that to continue. I want to try to continue to keep it on the right tracks and I think we’re on the right tracks. We’ll have derailments at different times but we have to make sure we stay on the right tracks, not come off them and keep going in the right direction.

“I’ve got to say everyone at the club is pulling together. From the top down to the players, there’s a club that I’m enjoying. And I’m enjoying it because I know I can help the direction we are going in. I hope it continues. We’ll have days when things don’t always go right but we’re going closer to the right way.”

The players and board at West Ham are seeing what was ignored during Moyes’s first spell at the club. The direction the 57-year-old is trying to take the club in is clear and working; they could move to within a point of the top six with a win on Saturday.

It has taken a long time and a lot of work for Moyes to gain the trust of his employers and supporters, but with the majority now on board he is keen to drive this “monster” of a club higher and higher.

“All managers need a level of trust whether from the owners or the supporters,” said Moyes. “You don’t always get it. I’ve had to keep the team up twice to gain that.

“Also the recruitment I want to go in a completely different direction. Not saying it won’t happen in this window but we’ve got something else we’d like it to look like. We are trying our best to make sure we turn the club, this is a monster of a club, it really is, and it’s turning. I wish I could turn it quick but most of these big vessels can’t turn quick, they have to take their time. We are certainly trying to get back on the right course.”

Moyes knows he and his squad have made an impressive start to the season, but will not rest on their laurels.

“They are only getting told they have got to do better,” Moyes said. “I am one of these hard ones, like the headmaster who doesn’t smile. Must do better.

“I want us to improve in all aspects, I want us to score more, get more shots on targets, cross more and concede less goals. I want us to pass it better. That is my message to the players, I am not settling for where we, I can’t. I have to make sure that we find another level and go again.”

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