Neville rant in full as Man Utd hero shellshocked by “monstrous” Liverpool loss

Gary Neville claimed there were “no excuses” for the manner of Manchester United’s thrashing by Liverpool after the Red Devils suffered a 5-0 defeat on Sunday evening

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Manchester United v Liverpool match in pictures

Gary Neville declared Manchester United were “torn to pieces” by Liverpool while issuing a withering verdict on his former side’s 5-0 defeat in the North-West derby.

A Mohamed Salah hat-trick and goals from Naby Keita and Diogo Jota secured a jaw-dropping victory for the Reds on Sunday evening.

Neville could not fathom Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s decision to press high up the pitch and claimed the result leaves the Old Trafford board under “enormous pressure”.

The former right-back also conceded United are “nowhere near” the level of Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester City, who are setting the pace in the Premier League title race.

During a lengthy rant in the Sky Sports studio, Neville showed signs his unwavering support for Solskjaer is slipping as he admitted “something has to change”.

Here is a transcript of the club legend’s rant in full:

Gary Neville delivered a lengthy rant about the current situation at Manchester United


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“I didn’t think it would get as bad as this. Today was a shocker and the timing couldn’t be worse and it’s been building,” Neville began.

“As soon as they (United) played a proper team they got torn to pieces, dismantled. You can’t flick a switch in football. They are one of the lowest running teams in the league and there’s nothing worse than being told you’re one of the lowest running teams and you’re easy to play against – they’re both.

“That’s a poor reflection on the manager, staff and players. I watched the Leicester game back and tried to figure out what they’re being told. They’ve got no structure to press from and don’t run as much as other teams and are easy to play against.

“[Chelsea boss Thomas] Tuchel knows he can’t press high with [Romelu] Lukaku, United cannot press high with the players they have. Every team is well organised but United are well off it.

“I was thinking about how United deal with this. This is a monstrous day for United losing 5-0 at home against Liverpool. This will put enormous pressure on the board.

“The fans were outstanding but they know something has to change in that dressing room very quick. How will the board react?

“How do you get through it? Take a day off and re-group. When [Jose] Mourinho was here it was a moody place but these players… now I’m asking serious questions of these players, they’re getting outran by every team they play.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammates are not playing to his strengths, claims Gary Neville

“Get the basics right. There’s no excuses. Three years ago there were three or four players that were mercenaries. [Cristiano] Ronaldo coming in has brought an unbelievable impact but what I would expect are the other players work as a foil.

“The last two-and-a-half years I’ve enjoyed the change but the last nine games have been worrying. They’ve been cutting us open. This today is an accumulation of recent events. Ole is already under massive pressure.

“They’re not close to winning the league or Champions League and nowhere near the other three teams at the moment.

“It was painful watching that interview, to feel questions like that but it’s part of the game. You’re at Man United, it’s a big-boy game and a big-boy club and if you lose to Liverpool 5-0 at home you’re going to come under big pressure.

“If this was post-Sir Alex [Ferguson] aftermath, Ole would be in massive trouble tonight. I think the club will hold their nerve and I don’t think they’ve planned for another manager this season and they’ll sit with Ole til the end of the season.

“There will be a massive outcry from fans and media from everybody that he should be sacked and I can understand why after that game.

“It takes some recovery. I lost 7-0 in Barcelona once and I knew I was done. I’d like to hear from the board to communicate with the fans to say if they are going to back the manager over the next six months.

“The media have asked questions and the feeling is they believe in the project. Ole believes he’s close, I remain to be convinced.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still has the support of Gary Neville, although the latter is not “convinced”

“Man United aren’t good. This team finished second and added a great player (Ronaldo) everyone was buzzing with five weeks ago.

“The reality is something has to change. City might beat United 1-0 but it might be even worse they might toy with them like [Floyd] Mayweather used to do – not let them have a punch.

“I’ve seen Jose and [Louis] Van Gaal come in and was disappointed. I never asked for Ron Atkinson (to be sacked), I didn’t want Moyes to be sacked.

“The reason the club will go at the end of the season, they won’t bring a hitman in. They will stick with Ole and he has to win something this season.

“Any other club he’d be in trouble tonight. Jose was the best manager in the world and couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t bring [Antonio] Conte in to United. He’s not a fit for United.

“I might be wrong but I don’t think that he is. I think it would be wrong to sack Ole today. I sacked a manager after six games last season (at Salford City), it was the wrong thing to do, I should’ve let things breathe.

“There’s players in the dressing room saying they want to be a pressing team. Why? This United team has played counter-attack for two-and-a-half years, you can’t just change that in a week and a half.

“It undermines everything you’re trying to achieve if you’re that bad at defending. If that isn’t fixed, Man United will lose more games, even against the lesser teams.

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“There’s a structural problem in that team. To be fair, he left [Paul] Pogba, [Edinson] Cavani, [Jadon] Sancho on the bench and went with Fred and [Scott] McTominay. The tactic today was to drop off and play the counter.

“What I do know is the reflection on the pitch isn’t good enough. Ole has done a good job but this is going to put him under pressure, the last thing I’m going to do is turn on his staff.

“When the muck hits the fan everyone gets a bit and that’s what’s happening here tonight. I brought a coach in at Valencia to save me. It doesn’t work.”

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