New footage shows Floyd Mayweather’s advice to Tyron Woodley for Jake Paul fight

Mayweather can be seen on a video call with Woodley just minutes before he walked out to face Paul in Cleveland last weekend, giving him tips on how to beat the YouTube star

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Jake Paul beats former UFC champion Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley was given advice by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather just minutes before fighting Jake Paul last weekend.

The 50-0 boxing superstar flew to Florida to train with Woodley in the lead-up to the fight, and despite being unable to travel to Cleveland, made sure to get a message across to his dressing room before the bout.

The Showtime All Access cameras managed to catch the ex-UFC welterweight champion taking a call from the former boxer in the changing room on FaceTime, with Mayweather offering an inspirational message for the fight.

“I want you to just know this,” Mayweather can be seen telling Woodley in the Epilogue episode of the All Access series.

“He has never been mugged before, you’ve been hit, you’ve been mugged before.

Floyd Mayweather trained with Tyron Woodley for the fight



“The difference between you and him is you can shake it off.”

There has always been a solid relationship between Woodley and Mayweather over the years, and when Paul was involved in an altercation with the boxing legend, he committed to working with the former UFC champion.

Mayweather and Paul engaged in a violent altercation at the media launch for his exhibition fight with Jake’s older brother Logan, with the YouTube star taking the 50-0 boxer’s cap to instigate the brawl.

In the heat of the moment, Mayweather even threatened to kill the younger Paul brother, and the Ohio natives even had to up their security detail after the threat.

And speaking with media a number of weeks later, Mayweather expressed interest in getting into camp with the former champion.

“Give me Tyron Woodley,” Mayweather told reporters. “I’m going to get in camp and I’m going to train him for this fight, I want him to come to Las Vegas and work with us.”

And later at his own media day, Woodley responded to the offer, and said that talks have been ongoing behind the scenes between his and Mayweather’s people.

“They just texted me ‘let’s do it’,” he explained. “I just talked to them today.

“Why would I not train with the best boxer of all time? He’s already my dog, we’ve been talking about training for a long time anyway so for sure I’m going to take him up on that.”

Unfortunately for Woodley, Mayweather’s advice wasn’t enough to win him the fight with Paul, as he lost on a controversial split decision.

The controversy sparked with one scorecard that gave Woodley a 77-75 win over the YouTuber, who despite rocking Paul in the fourth never really got going.

The YouTube star suffered a mini crisis in the fourth round when he was wobbled by a right hand from the former UFC welterweight world champion

But he recovered to edge a narrow win by scores of 77-75, 75-77 and 78-74 in what was his fourth professional fight.

Speaking after the result, Paul called Rogers out for his scorecard, saying it was “bulls***”, before declaring he was to take some time out from fighting.

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