Nigel Adkins interview: The vision for Charlton is really exciting


atching the trials and tribulations at Charlton from afar in recent years, Nigel Adkins was struck by the active role their supporters played in helping the club through some difficult times.

“Phenomenal,” says Adkins, who was appointed Charlton manager by owner Thomas Sandgaard on Thursday following the departure of Lee Bowyer to Birmingham. “From afar, I have watched it and I know it has been a real challenge, let’s face it.

“In the summer, Charlton Athletic nearly went out of existence. If Thomas had not come I do not think we would be having this conversation. Without knowing all the details, you can appreciate it. Thomas has come in to save the club, and put a long-term vision in place.

“Now all the energy, instead of being used in one way, can be supportive and driving the club forward. It looks very bright for the future of Charlton Athletic, especially after the turbulent times. Stability is one of the most important things.

“Hopefully the stability that Thomas has brought in can allow the unity of the fans to be part of what is going to happen to the club. Because the fans are the most important thing. It is their football club.”

It is eight years since Adkins was ruthlessly sacked by Southampton and replaced by Mauricio Pochettino having led the club from League One to the Premier League with successive promotions.

The 56-year-old believes what he achieved with Southampton shows what is possible at Charlton, who are currently sixth in League One.

“That time at Southampton was very special for everybody,” says Adkins. “They were at the bottom of League One and it just shows it is possible.

“I have been there. It is about helping to build and all the things that need to be done behind the scenes. We were obviously very fortunate at Southampton because we did it very quickly. That is where we want to go to.

“How long is that is going to be? Who knows. But if we can put the building blocks in place as quickly as possible, we give ourselves the best opportunity.”

Adkins previously guided Southampton from League One to the Premier League

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