Our unofficial Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley scorecard from rivals’ first fight

Much has been made of the split decision between Paul and Woodley last time out, so we’ve rewatched the first meeting between the pair to determine our own scorecard

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Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley face off ahead of rematch

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will meet for a second time on Saturday night, with the pair set to make millions once again after a razor-close first fight.

The pair went the eight-round distance in front of a packed house at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Paul’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio back in August.

And one judge gave Woodley the decision, while two ultimately scored it for the unbeaten hometown fighter.

There was a point at which Woodley almost managed to stop the fight, but Paul rallied and managed to earn the razor-close decision.

And when Tommy Fury pulled out of what was supposed to be Paul’s next fight, Woodley was happy to step in to redeem himself in Tampa Florida.

Here’s our unofficial scorecard from the first Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley fight…

Round 1: 10-9 Paul

This one was universal across the board on the official scorecards, and we’re backing that call.

Woodley, as he became known for in his later UFC career, started slowly and didn’t have enough output to take the opening round.

He would admit later that Paul won the opening three rounds, and despite flying out of the traps with a big shot that missed, he didn’t throw as many shots as Paul.

The YouTube star made Woodley miss quite a bit in this round, and showed considerably better straight boxing skills.

Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley by split decision back in August


Getty Images)

Round 2: 10-9 Paul

Once again, Woodley tried to throw a few shots, but was still in need of an injection of pace.

This was a better round for Paul, who seemed to be settling into the fight at this point and showing that he has some solid boxing skills behind the jab.

The size difference was also an issue at this point, with Woodley struggling to find his range at this early stage. That would change as the fight went on.

Round 3: 10-9 Paul

This was still Paul’s round, but it’s where the fight began to turn in Woodley’s favour, with the YouTube star beginning to tire after being taken out of the second for the first time in his professional career.

Woodley worked the body in the clinch, using some of his MMA background, but he couldn’t land anything of note.

Paul still showed superior ring generalship, but this one was the first round that divided the judges, with two giving it to Paul and one going with Woodley.

Round 4: 10-9 Woodley

The shot heard around the world was landed in this very round by Woodley.

As Paul looked to throw a check left hook, Woodley countered with an overhand right that sent the YouTube star back into the ropes.

Another referee could have called that shot a knockdown and given Paul real problems with a 10-8 scorecard, but Woodley couldn’t capitalise and Paul ended the round on top.

Woodley all but dropped Paul in the fourth


Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME)

Round 5: 10-9 Woodley

Paul was clearly still dazed from that big shot when he got back off the stool going into this round.

His coach BJ Flores in the corner gave some solid advice, having experienced moments like that multiple times during his own professional career.

He came out aggressively, but this was a really difficult time to take damage like that, because it came right at the point where Paul was getting tired after boxing 12 minutes against an opponent who hit back hard.

This was another tough round for the YouTube star, who tried a few flurries, and he definitely lost another one, as all the judges agreed.

Round 6: 10-9 Paul

This was the toughest round to score of the entire fight.

We had to rewatch it a couple of times back to get a proper score, but ultimately we sided with the two judges that gave it to Paul.

He began to catch a second wind, and landed more than Woodley while getting his legs back under him.

Paul’s cardio was impressive in his first fight to go eight rounds


Amanda Westcott/Showtime)

Round 7: 10-9 Paul

The fight was beginning to turn into a slugfest at this point, with Paul landing an overhand right just shy of Woodley’s temple towards the end of the round.

The broadcast team seemed to be in agreement that if Paul could maintain this pace for the next few minutes, he’d be leaving with a massive scalp over an ex-UFC champion.

And that he did, holding his ground well and controlling the ring, leading Woodley around like a matador, albeit a weary and tired one.

Let us know how you scored the fight in the comments section below!

Round 8: 10-9 Paul

Unfortunately for Woodley, it was to be too little too late and he once again couldn’t let his hands go on the big stage.

It’s what cost him against Colby Covington and Gilbert Burns in two of his last UFC outings, and it cost him in his big-money boxing debut against Paul.

The YouTube star boxed cleverly enough to get his hand raised, and take six rounds on our unofficial scorecard.

Final score: Paul 78-74 Woodley

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