Pele recovering in hospital after operation to remove tumour


ootball icon Pele has undergone surgery to remove a tumour from his colon.

It had been reported in his native Brazil that Pele was undergoing routine checks in Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital when the undisclosed issue was detected.

“Full battery of tests/scans/colonoscopy/blood etc,” agent Joe Fraga told Reuters. “He doesn’t do everything in one day.”

Pele has since confirmed that he is recovering from an operation to remove a “suspicious lesion” detected in his right colon.

He did not say if the tumour was malignant, with the Albert Einstein Hospital later confirming in a statement that it had been sent away for tests.

Pele has been recovering in intensive care but is expected to be moved to a room in the hospital on Tuesday, per Reuters.

“My friends, thank you very much for the kind messages. I thank God for feeling very well and for allowing Dr. Fábio and Dr. Miguel to take care of my health,” read a message on his official Instagram account.

“Last Saturday I underwent surgery to remove a suspicious lesion in the right colon. The tumor was identified during the tests I mentioned last week.

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