Police call out Pietersen for spreading Covid misinformation with viral video

Kevin Pietersen was corrected by Australian police after sharing a video on social media and wrongly claiming it was related to Covid in the country.

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Kevin Pietersen has been criticised for spreading Covid misinformation by Australian authorities. The former England batsman shared a video on Twitter that claimed to show a girl being forcibly separated from her father because one of them had Covid.

That video, which has been viewed 2.4million times, has been explained by Victoria police as having nothing to do with Covid, but at the time of writing Pietersen had not deleted the tweet.

The 41-year-old shared the video, which showed nurses alongside the father and daughter, alongside the expletive-laden message: “Australia. What the actual f***? Shame on you @ScottMorrisonMP! This is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!!!”

Victoria Police responded to the claims that the incident was Covid related and denied them strenuously.

Kevin Pietersen has been criticised for sharing false information about Covid in Australia



They told that the clip actually showed a “family incident” and that they wouldn’t be sharing any more details owing to the privacy of the people involved.

The police replied to Pietersen from their official Twitter account to make clear the nature of the situation. The tweet read: “Victoria Police can confirm this is inaccurate. This vision was in no way related to Covid/ vaccinations or testing.

“For the privacy of those involved, we will not be providing any further details.”

It is not the first time that Pietersen has become embroiled in angry conversations about Australia and Covid. On Sunday he fired off a series of tweets criticising Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison for the slow vaccine rollout and strict lockdown measures:

“I feel so sorry for all my buddies in Australia. And all Australia!

“Locking away a nation that wears flip-flops and loves the outdoors, is just wrong! How’s their PM going? Horror vaccine roll out!”

Pietersen’s views on Covid have been a subject of discussion before, with the cricket legend getting himself in hot water in March for saying that people didn’t need to announce their Covid diagnoses after Sachin Tendulkar revealed he had contracted the virus.

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