Ponting slams “pathetic officiating” after Warner given no ball reprieve

David Warner was given a life on 17 when he was bowled by a Ben Stokes no ball in the first Ashes Test between England and Australia

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Australia opener David Warner was given a reprieve on day two of the first Ashes Test when he was bowled by Ben Stokes off a no ball.

In Stokes’ first over, he breached Warner’s defences and looked to have sent him packing for just 17.

However, replays showed that Stokes had overstepped and Warner survived.

It was pointed out on Channel 7’s coverage that Stokes had in fact bowled a no ball in every delivery leading up to the Warner dismissal, but not a single one was called.

The on-field umpires are no longer responsible for looking for no balls, with the third umpire now expected to keep an eye out for bowlers overstepping and inform his colleagues of any no balls.

Speaking on Channel 7, former Australia bowler Trent Copeland criticised the failure to call Stokes’ earlier no balls.

“If you don’t know this is happening [as a bowler] and the review only happens when a wicket falls, I feel like we’re being failed by technology that could be used,” he said.

Ex-Australia captain Ricky Ponting, meanwhile, described it as “pathetic officiating”.

“If someone upstairs is supposed to be checking these and they haven’t decided that any of those are a no ball, that’s just pathetic officiating as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

“It led to what we saw late in the over. If he’d have been called for a no ball the first one he bowled, then of course he’s going to drag his foot back.

“I’m not sure what’s happened. I’m keen to hear why it hasn’t happened earlier.”

David Warner was given a life on 17 when he was bowled by a Ben Stokes no ball


Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Former umpire Simon Taufel added: “According to the playing conditions and technology process they are supposed to be checking every ball.

“I really can’t explain as to why they weren’t [checked]. They do have the support of an ICC technician in that third umpire’s box.

“Together with that technician they’re supposed to be looking at every ball and if it’s close, they’ll examine it and call it.”

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