Premier League and EFL clubs awaiting guidance over new Covid-19 rules

On Wednesday night came the announcement that from next week supporters attending matches where the attendance is over 10,000 people will need to show they have received both doses of the vaccine, or proof of a negative lateral flow test, to attend.

The new legislation, part of the Government’s Plan B measures, could pose logistical issues for clubs if every supporter is checked before entering the stadium. Such a scenario is likely to lead to increased queuing time and the possible need for more stewards.

As of Wednesday morning, the Government had not clarified how the new measures will be enforced and Premier League and EFL clubs are hoping to receive more information on Thursday.

A mandatory minimum number of spectators being spot-checked has been mooted as a possibility, while linking vaccination statuses to online tickets has also been suggested.

Premier League clubs have already been carrying out random spot-checks this season but, under previous legislation, fans were not turned away if they could not prove they weren’t double jabbed or show a negative Covid-19 test.

The introduction of the new measures has been supported by West Ham manager David Moyes, who backed them before they were announced.

“I do feel that I think we’re getting to a stage now where, you know, we don’t want any more Covid,” he said.

“There’s been too many deaths throughout the world. I think we need to try and make sure we try and eliminate it the best we can.

“I think if I was a football supporter, I’d want to go and sit next to somebody who I know had been vaccinated and gives me the best chance of not contracting the virus. I’m a football supporter, I watch games and I really want to go to games. I want to keep going.

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