Referee caught urinating in centre of pitch seconds before kickoff on live TV

A referee relieved himself in the centre circle after being caught short seconds before the start of a cup match in Brazil.

Denis da Silva Ribeiro Serafim elected to pee in his pants – without pulling his shorts down – as he was being filmed on TV.

He did it so discreetly that the commentator failed to pick up on the extraordinary moment as he introduced the match official and two linesmen just before the start of the Copa do Brasil meeting between Boavista and Goias on Thursday.

But eagle-eyed viewers noticed the telltale urine running down the ref’s leg and the footage started going viral as the match was being played.

The video showed da Silva loosening his shorts after glancing behind his back and peeing close to the match ball.

He soon stepped away from the centre circle, like a man who has just tripped in the street, before breaking into a run to cover up his gaffe.

Oh dear! The referee turned his back to the cameras and didn’t pull down his shorts

A wet patch could be seen around his private parts, suggesting he had run out of time to use the toilets in his changing room before heading onto the pitch.

The bizarre incident happened at the Elcyr Resende stadium in Saquarema near Rio de Janeiro. Boavista won the cup first-leg 3-1.

One social media user suggested: “The ref peed in his pants so he didn’t have to go to the toilet and delay the match.”

Another joked: “That’s not pee pee. That’s holy water the referee places on the pitch to bless the match so it occurs without violence or fights.”

A cheeky check round
A cheeky check round

Referee sorts himself out after urinating on the centre spot
Almost like nothing happened

Sports reporter Edson Junior added: “The referee urinated before the match….in his pants.

“It must have been hard going through the first half with his pants wet.”

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Last summer Eoin Bradley was spotted relieving himself on the pitch during a break in play in the Irish Cup semi-final between Coleraine and Ballymena United.

The Coleraine forward scored a brilliant free kick and then missed a penalty but it was his action when he didn’t have the ball at his feet that caught the attention of viewers.

He was later given a six-match ban.

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