Rising star jockey Benoit De La Sayette a victim of ‘malicious’ video says PJA

A teen riding sensation is being victimised by fake social media claims he took cocaine after winning a £100,000 race, it has been claimed.

The eight second video featuring 18-year-old Benoit De La Sayette appeared on Twitter this morning – and suggested he consumed the Class A drug after his Lincoln victory on 9-2 shot Haqeeqy.

But the Professional Jockeys’ Association (PJA) said it was recorded two years ago and not after his major Saturday success.

The clip shows De La Sayette’s face before moving to two other people in the room and lines of cocaine on a toilet cistern.

The PJA statement said: “A film has been tweeted from an account purporting to be Benoit De La Sayette’s. The film was apparently first circulated in the aftermath of Benoit’s victory aboard Haqeeqy in the Unibet Lincoln at Doncaster on Saturday 27 March.

“For the avoidance of doubt, this account is not Benoit’s nor is it under his control. This carefully edited film maliciously suggests that Benoit was taking cocaine after winning the aforementioned race.

In his short career, De la Sayette, has bagged 10 winners from 37 rides

“Benoit lives with his parents and was driven to and from Doncaster on Saturday by his father along with another jockey, and spent the evening at home with his parents. He was also riding at Doncaster on Sunday and once again driven there and back by his father.”

It continued: “The film is actually from October 2019 when he was 16, nine months prior to Benoit being licenced.

“He did not and does not take cocaine. Whoever is responsible for the distribution of this film is clearly intent on trying to cause significant damage to a young man at the start of his career.

“The PJA is taking steps to try and have the account that posted the video removed.”

The British Horseracing Authority is investigating.

In his short career, De la Sayette, has bagged 10 winners from 37 rides.

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